What To Look for When Buying a Home in Sarasota

What To Look for When Buying a Home in Sarasota

Looking for a new home means taking into account a variety of factors. The choice of homes in and around Sarasota, Florida, is extensive, and this is an area that is very much sought-after. Beautiful weather, a great neighborhood and some very impressive properties mean it is a good choice, but what else should you look for when you are getting together a list of family homes in the area?

First, you need to think about this: why choose Sarasota? The city is one of the richest in the area when it comes to culture and the arts – you can’t visit Sarasota and not take in a look at the Ringling Museum of Art, which has one of the finest collections of modern art and old masters anywhere in the world – and also gives you easy access to some very fine beaches, great shops and impressive amenities. So, you’ve chosen a great city, now to choose your house!

Choosing Your Sarasota Home

In your favour is the fact that there are always very impressive homes for sale in Sarasota that will be suitable for a family, so you have the pick of the bunch! A good starting point would be to talk to the team at Living Vogue Real Estate, who are based in the city and have a great selection of properties available at all times. They now the area better than anyone and will be able to point you in the right direction. Here are a few things you need to consider when starting your search:

  • Budget – how much can you afford? Properties in the Sarasota area vary in price according to location and size, so you need to set a budget and stick to it.
  • Size – how many people are in your family? This should narrow down your search quite considerably.
  • Access to amenities – how close are the shops, and how close do you want to be to the city centre and its amenities? There are many locations to choose from, and Living Vogue will happily talk you through them.
  • Schools – this is an often overlooked factor that is actually very important. You want the kids in the best schools, and in Sarasota it’s worth noting that the best school is ‘Southside Elementary’. People do look for homes close by, and you might want to search in that area so you can get the kids into the best school.
  • Features – what does the home offer? Is it in a good area? Do you want a pool? What security features does it have? What’s the kitchen like, and how many bathrooms are there?

All of the above are important considerations and there will be many more that you might think of, so if you are set on a home in Sarasota, get in touch with Living Vogue Real Estate now and see how they can help you and your family find your dream home in the beautiful city.