Ways of using bergamot mint essential oil at home

Ways of using bergamot mint essential oil at home



Sometimes referred to as the lemon mint oil, bergamot mint essential oil is associated with its benefits such as its calming effect which makes it suitable for use at home where you can use it after a long hard day to unwind. It comes in a clear colour and its consistency is thin which allows it to easily diffuse into the room in which it has been used. Its aromatic properties can be likened to a mixture of bergamot, lavender, fresh herbs and a touch of mint.


One good way of using bergamot mint essential oil is by inhaling it to create a calming effect on the body. We lead lives where stress is bound to come up at any given moment and at the end of the day, you can unwind through the use of bergamot mint essential oil. You can put it into a diffuse to fill a room with the sweet aroma of mint and grab a novel to unwind. It also works great when used for meditation purposes where the oil diffuses into the room giving you a calming effect. How about if you wish to take a bath and relax? Put a few drops of bergamot mint essential oil in your bath water and soak for a while to relax. You do not have to worry about falling asleep while in the tub and drowning because unlike other essential oils, bergamot mint essential oil does not have a sedative effect and does not cause drowsiness.


If you have trouble breathing due to congestion in your airways, you can use bergamot mint essential oil to decongest your respiratory system. There are a few ways of doing this. You can get a warm damp towel and put a few drops of essential oil on it and breathe in the aroma as it diffuses into the air or you can use a diffuser to spread the oil. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you can put a few drops into a diffuser and sleep while the diffuser spreads the oil into the air.

Sore muscles

Aches can be soothed through the use of compresses that make use of bergamot mint essential oil. Put a few drops of the oil into the compress and use it on the body part that aches and experience the magic that is bergamot mint essential oil.


Some essential oils can be so strong that they cause nausea to the user. However, with bergamot mint essential oil, it is not the case. This oil is not an irritant and it is actually used to curb nausea. Never thought that you would be rushing to get an essential oil to help you ease a queasy tummy? Well, now you know that you can count on bergamot mint essential oil to help you out.


The mint aroma of bergamot mint essential oil is very sweet and can be used to scent anything from hair, candles, soaps, lotions to shampoos and body washes. The aroma from the oil is very relaxing and will create a calming inspiring feeling in you all day and night when you use any product with the scent.

Bergamot Mint Essential Has So Many Benefits

Bergamot mint essential oil has proven to be a go to when it comes to finding an essential oil that is well rounded and one that will not have lasting negative effects on you. Grab a bottle and find the way to a healthier happier you!