Ways to Childproof Your Home to Prevent Personal Accidents

Ways to Childproof Your Home to Prevent Personal Accidents

When was the last time you crawled around your home on your hands and knees?  It may have been a long time ago unless you were painstakingly cleaning the floors by hand, however this is the way that most toddlers move from room to room.  Kids love to explore their environments so it’s a good idea to get down to their level to ensure your home is safe.  After all, an unsafe home could not just cause serious injury to a child, it could also cost you money if you need to hire personal injury lawyers San Jose to fight your case.  So keep reading for a few tips on how to childproof your home, and protect those you love from personal injury.

Protect Electrical Outlets

Young children love to stick their fingers into things, electrical outlets being no exception.  It is now possible to buy outlet covers which can be put into electrical outlets when they are not in use.  It’s best to try and get ones with a safety latch, as these will prevent your child from removing them and putting them in their mouth.  Make sure to do this on every socket that your child has access to.

Childproof Your Furniture

Furniture can post a significant danger to young children, especially large and heavy items like bookcases.  Make sure to push large items like TVs away from the edge of any furniture they are placed on.  You can also use devices to secure them as well.  With items like bookcases that could topple over, make sure that you have heavy items on the bottom rather than the top too to prevent them from being top heavy.  The corners of furniture can also be a hazard, so make sure that you cover any hard or sharp corners with protective devices.

Check the Ties on Curtains and Blinds

The ties on curtains and blinds are responsible for a significant amount of strangulations in children between the ages of 10 months and 7 years according to the CPSC.  A young child can easily become entangled in a window cord, and strangulation can occur in a matter of minutes.  It is vital to ensure your baby’s crib is placed away from windows, and to use cordless window coverings wherever possible.  It is also possible to replace cord loops with safety tassels, which are much safer for toddlers and young children.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

More than 3,000 children are injured each year in the United States by falling out of windows.  It is vital to install locks on windows to prevent a child from opening them, and to also prevent low windows from opening more than 4 inches.  Window stops can be bought stop a window from being able to open any more than this.

It is important to make your home childproof, not only for your children, but for the children who visit your home as well.  Accident and injuries are common among children, but many of the household injuries they experience could well be prevented.