Turning the Bathroom Into a Luxury, Relaxing Room

Turning the Bathroom Into a Luxury, Relaxing Room

If you don’t currently have a bathroom in which you enjoy spending time then it is probably time to do something about it.

This is one of the most important rooms in the house and it is somewhere you should look forward to letting all your stresses melt away in. So how can you do this and can you get the perfect luxury bathroom without spending a fortune on it?

Choose the Right Lighting

The lighting is vital to the overall mood and ambience in your bathroom. Get it right and you will have an ideal spot where you can feel relaxed as you shower or have a long, lingering bath. A lot of people choose to use candles in their bathroom and that is definitely a smart choice for a really special occasion. However, it is unlikely to be something you do all the time. A permanent and easier solution is to use a variety of different, subtle lighting effects in your bathroom. Subtle spotlights under your vanity unit and recess lighting can help to add depth and warmth to the bathroom.  You will want to avoid harsh lighting or one single source of light, unless it is a very small room.

Consider the Colour Scheme

Getting the right colour scheme is as vital for your bathroom as it is for any other room in the house. A plain white bathroom is favoured by many householders. This gives a clean, fresh look but adding some colour can make it feel warmer and interesting.  Cream, yellow, blue and red are some of the bathroom colours that can work perfectly when done with style. It is easy to shy away from trying something different in this room, particularly if it is small and you are worried about making it look too small or ridiculous. To get some colour inspiration you can look for photos of classy bathrooms online. You can them try out different colours on the wall with small trial paint pots. Don’t forget that you can add a splash of colour to a plain bathroom through a few simple accessories. This can be a way of trying out different colours in the room without doing anything too adventurous. It is also a change that can easily be undone later on if needed.

Get a Better Shower

One popular way of getting a better looking and more relaxing bathroom is through the use of steam showers. These offer a wonderful way of getting a warm and invigorating shower in a cosy setting. If you sometimes find showering to be a bit of a chore then adding one of these stylish showers to your home is sure to instantly transform this into one of your favourite things to do. This is an especially useful bathroom accessory for cold winter days when you just want a warm shower to heat you up and brighten up your day a little. There are a number of different models around these days, some with functions such as overhead spotlights, music, foot massager and exhilarating hydromassage jets.