Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool While Saving Energy

Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool While Saving Energy

Spring has arrived and summer will be here before you know it. For homeowners who live in an area with a hot climate, it can seem as though there is an ongoing battle to keep the home cool during the summer while also keep energy costs low.

Your home is supposed to be your shelter and haven from the sweltering summer sun and hot temperatures. This means that if you want to keep your home comfortable and cool, you are probably thinking your only option is to allow your air conditioner to run for extended periods of time. This option is not eco-friendly and you may spend a lot of money trying to keep your home cool.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do that will help your home stay cool without breaking the bank.

Drape Your Windows

This is a tip that is not only affordable but also decorative and creative. The curtains will prevent the sunlight from entering the home, and the home will automatically stay cooler. Curtains and similar window treatments act as reflectors. They act as a barrier to create shade in the home and the sunlight is not able to penetrate through.

On the other hand, if you do want the sunlight to enter your home or you enjoy looking out at the view, curtains may not be your best option. These window treatments can also trap dust, dirt and pet dander, which can increase allergic reactions. Fortunately, there is an alternative to window treatments you may not have previously considered.

Window Tint

Window tinting is an excellent way to reduce sunlight and high energy bills. It also looks beautiful on the exterior of the home. Professional window tinting contractors can install tint on one or all the windows of the home. They have the necessary scaffolding equipment and other materials to install the tint that will reflect the light away from your home.


You will also need to ensure that air is properly ventilated throughout your home. Any pockets of warm air trapped in the home can make your HVAC system work harder at keeping the home cool.

Start by inspecting the roof and attic. By installing fans in the attic, your home will be ventilated evenly and the stifling air will not travel to the top of the home.

Portable fans can also be used throughout the home maintain a cool airflow as well as control the airflow. When placed around the home correctly, these fans can lower the interior home’s temperature by several degrees. By using fans, you will not be solely dependent on your air conditioner to keep the home cool.


You may also want to consider planting large trees and shrubs around your home. Adding trees not only benefits the environment, but it will also improve the curb appeal of your home and provide much-needed shade. The shadier areas of your home will not require as much energy from your air conditioner to stay cool, and by default, will not be as dependent on the electricity grid.

These tips will help keep your home cool and your utility bills low. They are inexpensive options that will allow you to enjoy cool days inside without spending a lot of money.