Tips for Successfully Running a Bed And Breakfast

Tips for Successfully Running a Bed And Breakfast

Running a bed and breakfast is a great way to make an income. It is also very satisfying because you get to meet interesting people and help them to enjoy a nice break away from their everyday lives. If you already have a second property or are intending on using your actual home for your bed and breakfast business, although this is a great starting point, there is more to it. In the following post, we are going to offer some great tips for setting up a bed and breakfast, if you want to have a chance of real success.

Figure Out Your Target Market

You may feel you want your bed and breakfast to appeal to everyone. However, as there are lots of different personalities and types of travellers, with different preferences and needs, it is virtually impossible to do so. It is much better, therefore, to focus your efforts as a b and b owner on appealing to a specific group of people, whether it’s older retirees, young families or singletons. Once you have established the type of people you want to offer accommodation to, you will be better able to advertise your business.

Make Your B&B Stand Out

The market is absolutely saturated with places offering bed and breakfast-style accommodation. If you want to have success, you need to find a way to make yours stand out from the others. This could be achieved by offering local products, if the town, village or city where you are based is famous for something. For instance, using locally sourced sausages from an artisan butcher and fresh farm eggs can make your business different from the many places that don’t make such claims and clearly use supermarket-bought products.

DIY and Maintenance

You likely understand the importance of your bed and breakfast looking immaculate. Even if you are opting for a more budget-friendly kind of holiday accommodation, you will still want it to look its best. However, it’s not enough just to decorate and then leave it for long periods without doing anything other than cleaning it. Maintenance and home improvement are very important when you are a bed and breakfast host. You want all guests to have the same great experience. That means you need to be quick to sort problems and fix things that need repairing, rather than waiting.

Stock the Essentials

Even the most fastidious traveller will forget one or more of the essentials. To elevate the experience your guests have you should stock up on many of the essentials. Things like condoms, tampons and sanitary towels, smartphone and tablet chargers and toothbrushes on top of the consumables you already have, are great to have in stock just in case a guest needs it.

Even if you can’t afford to kit out every room with a kettle, iron and ironing board, it’s a good idea to have these available for general use.

They will appreciate your efforts to ensure all their needs are taken care of. It should go without saying that having local guides and books about the area is also important to have readily available.

The most important thing you need to remember is to enjoy the experience. Put on your best smile, offer the people staying with you the best service you can and have fun.