Tips For Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

Tips For Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

There is nothing worse than discovering that you have some small, furry, and disease-ridden unwanted guests who have established themselves in your home. Not only can it put you and your household’s health at risk and cause damage to your property, once rats or other rodents have made your home their home, but it’s also incredibly hard to get rid of them.

There are various DIY pest control and pest removal kits out there, many of which are often ineffective. Of course, you could contact a qualified and experienced pest control team and if you are in the New Smyrna Beach area, Smyrna Pest Control is a great option. However, when it comes to pests, prevention is always the best option. With that in mind, check out the following tips to keep pests at bay.

Keep Your Home Clean and Free of Sources of Food and Water

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at how often pest and rodent infestations are established because of ineffective cleaning. All it takes is little crumbs here and there scattered around what appears to be an otherwise tidy and clean kitchen floor or leaking water from a tap or pipe. Rodents will set up home anywhere where it is easy to access sources of food and water.

Therefore, you mustn’t cut corners when it comes to cleaning your house. Make sure all food particles are cleaned up, not just from the floors but the countertops and other surfaces too. Remember, rodents like rats are agile and great climbers. You should also deal with leaking taps, pipes, and other uncovered sources of water as soon as you discover them.

Keep Your Home Tidy

If you have a lot of clutter around your home, whether it’s stacks of old newspapers and magazines, old boxes of things you really should get rid of, or toys, you are making your home very attractive to any rodents that manage to enter it. Try to reduce the amount of clutter you have, because the less hiding places there are, the less likely rodents are going to want to stick around in your home.

Make Sure All Holes, Cracks, and Gaps Around Your Home Are Sealed

Sometimes, rodents will try to enter homes, even if they are not sure if there is food or water readily available for them. They are very agile, as we already said, and are also able to fit into even the smallest of gaps. The ones they can’t, they will just chew and dig at until they can fit through. The best way to stop rodents from gaining entry to your property is by ensuring that all gaps, holes, and cracks are sealed up.

Use Tightly Sealed Bins for Your Household Waste and Rubbish

All rubbish and household waste are like the most delicious fast food to rodents. Where do you keep your garbage cans? Outside by the side of your property? It would be better to move them, so they are somewhere indoors, like a shed or your garage. However, if this is not possible, you should make sure the lids secure tightly shut. The same applies to any bins you keep on the inside of your property.