Tips for Choosing a Reputable Roofer

Tips for Choosing a Reputable Roofer

So, you’ve got some roofing problems that you need to repair and have made the smart decision not to attempt the repairs on your own. One of the biggest problems many people have in your situation is finding a reputable Raleigh roofing contractor. With so many to choose from, and most of them claiming to be the best, it can be hard to differentiate. Don’t worry though, because in the following post we are going to help you by giving you some hints and tips for how to hire a reputable Garner, NC roofing company.

Referrals from Friends, Family and Colleagues

One of the best ways to find a good roofing contractor is through word-of-mouth and personal recommendations from people you know. Ask around your friends and family and even your colleagues for any roofers that they would refer to you. You can figure out whether you’ll have a good or bad experience with a firm based on the experience people you know had. As they are more likely to be honest with you than some random reviewer online, their opinion is trustworthy.

Check Their Experience and Qualifications

Any contractor selling their services should have the relevant trade qualifications and have enough experience. This information should be easy to find and if not and you have to ask them about it, they should be forthcoming with it, without much hassle. Avoid any Garner roofers that don’t want to discuss the qualifications they have gained or who can’t give clear answers to how many years they have been working.

Check They Have Insurance

A roofing contractor should also have the proper insurance. This insurance is not only for the work they carry out, but means you have coverage if any damage or accidents happen while they are working on your property. Do not accept work from any roofing contractor without adequate insurance.

Check Online Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Obviously, you should always look at customer reviews and testimonials. Although most contractors will have plenty of these displayed on their website, you should also look around for unbiased ones too. Make sure you don’t just focus on the good, but also take into consideration the bad, so that you can have a better and more detailed view of what it might be like to have work done by them.

Not all negative reviews necessarily mean that you are going to have a bad experience. For instance, there may have been other factors that meant the contractor couldn’t do as good a job as they may have liked.

Do They Offer Guarantees?

Always look for a contractor that offers guarantees or warranties on the work they complete on your roof. They should offer a guarantee on both the labor and the parts. If they don’t, you may not be liable to any further repairs or help if there’s problems in the weeks after they complete the work.

Although it can be nerve-wracking trying to decide which is the best roofer to go with, by giving it some proper consideration and not rushing into it, you can be sure you’ve got a better chance of hiring one that will do a good job.