The Whole Question of Energy

The Whole Question of Energy

The recent revelation that websites that identify the cost of comparable services receive commission for every customer who switches over is slightly concerning. When it comes to energy, the main websites involved have been asked for their comments by MPs. Logically these comparison services that are offered free to those who visit the websites need to be funded somehow but it is essential that each website provides objective and reliable information. If the information provided is driven by the commission payment being offered then are they to be trusted?


MPs want real transparency and consumers should be able to expect that as well. If the cheapest deals are not being included then the whole concept of comparison websites should be scrapped. The websites have said they will provide more comprehensive information in the future but there is dismay they have not done so in the past. One MP despaired about the whole energy market including these websites that seems to treat consumers with a complete lack of respect.

Another Route

There is little doubt that the main energy suppliers could have done more to control prices over the years and even now they could institute price reductions in excess of what has been offered. So what is the consumer to do? Well one thing is to look at ways of reducing consumption without allowing the home to be uncomfortable. One way to do that is to install PVC windows that will provide an excellent seal between window and frame thereby reducing draughts and heat loss.

Companies such as sierra windows have websites that provide plenty of information about what is currently available on the market. There is no need for visitors to make any contact in the initial stages. They can gather information and give it some thought before asking any questions that arise. A good service company is likely to respond quickly and provide a quotation if requested. Once again there will be no conditions tied to the provision of that quotation.


PVC windows are fitted as standard in new builds now the energy efficiency has become such a concern. They are virtually maintenance free, merely needing a rub down with a damp cloth to clean. They are durable and the seal created on installation will not deteriorate over time. Consumers looking to modernise their homes in this way will obviously have to consider the outlay involved.

There are positive reasons why modernisation is worthwhile. Firstly, it is likely to add value to the property and the low interest rates currently available make home improvements as affordable as they have ever been. The annual energy bill should also be reduced on an ongoing basis. The energy companies have been reluctant to respond to calls for more competitive rates and being responsible to their shareholders they may be reluctant to do so in the future.