Study Results Show What Consumers Want in a Reusable Shopping Bag

Study Results Show What Consumers Want in a Reusable Shopping Bag



Reusable shopping bags give businesses the opportunity to add colourful branding designs to their bags and marketing strategy. There are several different materials for businesses to choose from, including cotton, canvas, jute, bamboo, woven PP (polypropylene), and non-woven PP.

That kind of creative and practical freedom can be fantastic, but, with all those choices, how do you know what kind of design and material to pick out? It can indeed be a tricky question, but a recent study can show you exactly what shoppers most desire from their reusable shopping bags.

Get ready for some stats!

Consumers Love Smaller Logos

A whopping 94% of consumers stated that they prefer bags with either a small store logo or no logo at all. It only makes sense, when you think about it. People love being able to use these bags in the future, so you need to make it look like the design is more for them than for you. At the same time, you still want to make the most of the marketing potential. Try placing the logo somewhere unobtrusive. If you have distinctive store colours, use those abundantly in the design.

Consumers Prefer Strength to Looks

90% of participating consumers let researchers know that bag strength is more important than looks, with 63% stating that they expected their bags to last a year or more. The lesson here is that it’s better to spend money on the right material instead of an audacious design if that’s a choice that you need to make. After all, a quality product reflects well on your business. In fact, you might even make some money back; 96% of participants, the highest percentage recorded for a single measure, stated that they would be cool with paying $2 (roughly £1.60) more for a bag that takes their fancy.

You don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing, but it’s a nice idea to follow the desires of your customers, so consider using the facts above to guide your next order of reusable shopping bags.