Steam Shower Purchasing And Installation Tips

Steam Shower Purchasing And Installation Tips

Steam showers are becoming more popular every year, as people realise their health and energy-efficiency benefits.  However, along with the increase in popularity there is a lot of people making rash decisions or purchasing steam showers without considering some important factors.  In the following post we will look at 4 tips we feel it is important you should keep in mind when purchasing steam showers.

Find A Reputable And Experienced Specialist

If you are not going to install your steam shower yourself, and this is recommended, then you need to take care when choosing the specialist you hire to install the shower for you.  You need to shop around a little and not only look for the best quote within your available budget, but also for a specialist that is both highly experienced and has a good reputation.  You can normally find reviews submitted by customers for installation companies that will give you an indication of the type of service, attention to detail and value for money you are likely to receive from specific companies.  Obviously avoid companies that have more negative than positive reviews written about them.

Consider DIY Kits

Although hiring a specialist will make things easier when you are looking at installing a steam shower, it will obviously add to the overall price tag.  Steam shower kits are a good option for people who perhaps cannot afford to hire an installation team, and who are also a little bit handy themselves when it comes to DIY.  Most kits include step by step instructions that are laid out methodically and often have illustrations or photographs to show exactly what you should be doing and when.

After Installation, Check To Ensure Steam Is Not Leaking

One of the most important tips you have to keep in mind when purchasing a steam shower is something you need to do after installation.  If steam leaves the shower from a leak, this can needlessly increase your water and electricity bills.  So, it is obviously very important that you need to check that steam does not escape from the shower unit.  Furthermore, at the planning stages you should be looking to make walls, ceilings and doors in the bathroom water-resistant as well as ensuring that the system you purchase is air-tight.

Consider Your Bathroom’s Décor

It is important when you are looking at steam showers to not only give thought to the efficiency, features and cost of the units, but also how well they will fit in with the current or planned changes to your bathroom’s décor.  As it is quite a big investment, purchasing a steam shower, you want to make sure that the colouring and styling you choose will be something you can live with and that you will not want to change it again within a short period of time.

While the above list is not particularly exhaustive and you can probably think of other considerations on your own; it is at least a good place to start and should give you some food for thought.