Start Babyproofing Your Living Room with these 4 Steps

Start Babyproofing Your Living Room with these 4 Steps



So you’re in the process of babyproofing your home. There’s a good chance that a baby is on the way, if he’s not there already. Whatever the case may be, you have to start right now.

Your living room is a good place to start. After all, you and your whole family spend a lot of time there. It’s called a living room for a reason.

Start with these Steps

How do you start? You can start by following these 4 babyproofing tips for the living room:

  • Use edge bumpers.

There are a lot of tables and furniture with sharp edges in the living room and they’re about the same height as a child that’s just learning how to walk. In the likely event that your child bumps into such an edge, you’ll thank yourself if you placed edge bumpers in them.

Don’t forget about the edges of your fireplace hearth! They’re very sharp!

  • Cover all electrical outlets.

Your living room has a lot of electrical outlets. After all, you have a whole entertainment system in there along with lampshades and other appliances. A curious child with a pointed object (like a fork) can easily poke the holes of an electrical outlet which will lead to electrocution. Avoid this by covering all electrical outlets.

Make sure to use those covers that are screwed on. This will make it harder for a child to remove.

  • Secure your TVs.

A lot of households have flat screen TVs. Unfortunately, a determined child can easily push one to the floor. Worse, a child can easily pull the TV onto him.

This is why you have to secure your TV. Some models can be screwed on to a flat surface so it can’t be pulled or pushed. If you don’t want to damage your furniture, you can just buy straps to secure your TV to the wall.

  • Secure items that can be easily toppled over.

A walking or running child can easily bump a corner table, sending a lampshade crashing to the floor. In addition to wasting a perfectly good lampshade, you’re also putting your child at risk. Broken glass can easily injure your child.

Place them in a position that your child can’t reach. This applies to all items that can be toppled over and can present as a hazard to your child. These include vases, big picture frames, and the likes.

These are just 4 of the babyproofing steps that you should do to secure your living room. Obviously, babyproofing doesn’t stop here. There are a lot of other things that you have to do. Remember, it’s not just the living room that you have to baby proof.

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This infographic by has 68 babyproofing steps that you should follow to baby proof your home. Check it out to baby proof your living room and the rest of your home – indoors and outdoors. Remember, it’s your responsibility!