Spring is Here – It’s Time To Get Your Garden Sorted!

Spring is Here – It’s Time To Get Your Garden Sorted!

Spring is a favourite season for many people, and especially for those who love our gardens. Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of flowers blooming all of sudden, shoots coming through the soil, and the trees and shrubs turning green once more? The joy of knowing what you have done in preparation is bearing fruits is something that gardeners look forward to, and spring is the season where it all begins again.

What do you need to do to get your garden in shape for the spring? To give you the best advice, we had a chat with Matt, proprietor of Green Barrow Garden Services, a friendly outfit providing professional local services in and around Sheffield. Let’s see what he had to say.

Tidying Up

Matt’s initial advice was to start by tidying away any debris that will have gathered in your garden over the winter months. Leaves will have fallen from trees and may have amassed in corners, driven by the wind. You might have fallen branches from storms, and you will also find that some of your shrubs still have dead wood waiting to be cut back.

Rake away those leaves and any other detritus that is cluttering the garden, cut back the shrubs that need attention. These are simple jobs that can be done on any spring day, and need not take you very long.

Check and Clean

A good gardener will always make sure his or her tools are in working order, and are available to hand. Matt advises that you check any power tools and ensure they are safe to use. Also, you might want to get hold of your shears, rakes and other items, and see if they have been subject to rust, or if moving parts need oiling. This is a job for a rainy morning, perhaps, when you can check over everything in the shed!

If you have a greenhouse, it has probably been left standing for a couple of months. Get in there and sort everything out; clear the benches for the coming months, and make sure you have all the space you need to work in. The same applies to your shed, where you have likely thrown stuff in to keep it out of the way!

Now for the Plants!

Once the prep has been done, you can get on with the good bit – growing! If you’re into flowers, your perennials will be coming back in style right now, and all they need is to be checked and watered as required. Prune any bushes and shrubs that are beginning to grow, to get rid of last years now dead growth, and start off seeds where necessary so you have the summer crop to look forward to. It’s also the time to plant potatoes and onions, and many other vegetables.

Thanks to Matt for his advice on getting going in the spring, and if you want to know more about his range of services you can contact him, or have a look at the Green Barrow Garden Services website.