Solar-powered furniture – what’s out there?

Solar-powered furniture – what’s out there?

Solar power has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade. With improvements in panel technology leading to an ever-decreasing cost, it was only a matter of time before designers started looking for ways to incorporate this green energy into furniture. The results are pleasing on both the eye and the environment.

Architectural design studio ‘Because We Can’ has created a classy looking table that houses the solar panel in a beautifully crafted steel frame. It is fully functional and capable of powering most electronic devices, giving us a small glimpse of what desks of the future will look like. But they’re not alone; Panasonic is also looking to bring solar energy into the workplace. First displaying their elegant table back in 2011, Panasonic’s much touted feature is its unique ability to power devices wirelessly, thus maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.


Solar furniture is not reserved for the office, however: Hammacher have created a solar-powered entertainment lounger that is simply perfect for the poolside. Its built-in Bose speakers, USB port and mist nozzle are all powered by the sun and operated from a control port on the armrest. There is even a quiet hydraulic lift that gently reclines or raises the back to make poolside lounging more relaxing than ever.


Likewise, the SOL NRG Solar table is both magical and innovative, using advanced solar panels to quickly power multiple mobiles and devices. With a thickness of just 5cm and a sleek, stylish design, the solar table is the perfect addition to any outdoor area.

Sol-NRG pool
If you’re looking for a larger outdoor table that can both charge your computer and withstand the elements, the waterproof Table SOL is the answer. Made of iron and tempered glass with photovoltaic panels, it comes complete with a built-in battery that needs only four hours of sunlight to fully charge. Once fully charged, the device is capable of charging an iPhone 33 times over!

Sol-NRG beach
It feels like the dawn of a prosperous age for solar furniture, with many start-ups and established players designing both functional and fashionable furniture. Expect to see much more in the near future; be excited by what’s to come!