Short of Space? A Corner Sofa Might Be the Answer!

Short of Space? A Corner Sofa Might Be the Answer!

Do you have a small living room? If so, it can be difficult to find furniture that does not overwhelm the space. You want a sofa and perhaps a couple of chairs, but all of the ones you like simply take up too much space. The problem is that many new-build houses have rooms that are smaller than older homes. For first time buyers, however, these or perhaps a flat are the only choice in terms of affordability. Or it could be that you live in a town or city in a block of flats for convenience. There is a way you can have beautiful furniture, and that’s what we’re here to tell you about.

If you’re looking for a space saving idea that still allows you to enjoy a beautiful décor, check out the range of corner sofas from Maple Furniture. Many manufacturers make sofas in a corner format and they are an excellent idea if you don’t have a large room. That being said, there are bigger models that will look superb in a large space, and it’s a design feature that will always look great and never age. Now that you know about corner sofas, how do you choose one for you?

Making Your Choice

Choosing furniture is something very personal. You will have your own ideas on colours and patterns, and you may have a room that is already decorated and ready to furnish. If this is the case, you’ll have no problem finding corner sofas and other furnishings to match, and you can also match your curtains and other soft furnishings in line with the overall scheme. A well decorated room is one that does not look crowded or full yet does not look like its missing anything.

If you add a touch of style by perhaps having decorative table lamps here and there, and keep the walls plain then you have a nice starting point that should allow you to alter the décor to your taste. There’s a lot of fun to be had in planning and decorating a room, and if you already know the colour and finish of your corner sofa then you can use that as your baseline.

Adding the Details

In a lot of ways, it’s the detail touches that make a room complete. Think curtains and cushions, ornaments and pictures. Indeed, a nicely chosen print can make a room look superb and many people use mirrors to add an illusion of extra space. This can also be done by keeping the walls plain and in pale colours, and by use of natural light from your windows.

Look for quality in your corner sofa as it’s going to take a lot of wear during its lifetime, and a well-made and nicely upholstered example will last the longest. We hope that we’ve helped you find the best way to utilise limited space, so why not check out the range of corner sofas now and you’ll be able to find one to suit your room.