Save on Energy Bills – Fit Double Glazing

Save on Energy Bills – Fit Double Glazing

The cost of heating a home and running all your necessary appliances seems to rise every year. Electricity and gas are vital energy sources for any home, but they’re not cheap! Another factor that requires consideration is that of energy loss in the home. How well insulated is your home? How recent are your doors and windows? You would be surprised how much energy can be lost through windows that are old, perhaps with damaged seals, and doors that are similarly not sealed properly.

Plus, if you don’t already have double glazed windows, you need to be looking at them very seriously. This begs the question – how much do UPVC windows cost in the UK? The answer might be ‘not as much as you think’! Let’s have a look at why UPVC double glazing is the way forward for your home.


UPVC windows and doors are made from very strong, light and durable material that does not rot like traditional wooden windows. This is why, if you have wood frames and are looking to get them replaced, it will be recommended that you fit UPVC. The most up to date designs are highly advanced, and come with secure locking systems so you also gain added security.

Fit UPVC and you will benefit from:

  • Better insulation
  • Greater efficiency and lower energy bills
  • Improved appearance to the house
  • Added value should you come to sell
  • Greater security
  • External noise reduction
  • Lower insurance costs

The benefits of UPVC double glazing are therefore greater than simply having new windows, it’s a security and cost-saving feature, too. As for cost, you will find that for an average house in the UK, the cost at the time of writing may be anywhere between £4500 and £7000 – this does of course depend on the house, and what you need replacing or fitting.

Help with UPVC Windows

Across the UK there are various government grant schemes that may help you reduce the cost of upgrading your inefficient window and door fitments to modern, energy-efficient UPVC windows and doors. It’s worth checking first with your local council offices, as they may be able to help point you in the right direction.

It is strongly advised that, if you are installing new UPVC double glazed windows, you also upgrade your external doors. The combined loss of energy through inefficient doors and windows can be as much as 20% for the average household, which you will agree is a lot of money over a year.

When talking to your installer, ask them about including composite door cost for all your external doors within the quote, and you may also be able to get government funding for these, too.

However you go about it, and while it is not cheap, you should investigate the possibility of installing UPVC windows and doors, and check with the relevant authorities about available grants and funding for home improvement in your local area. You’ll soon see the difference in your home energy bills!