Reasons Why Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Are A Good Investment

Bifold doors are becoming a popular option. Choosing the right kind of doors is an expensive purchase but they can make a wonderful investment and last for years. Are they the right type of doors for you? Today we will look at some advantages and if you are interested in buying them, check out this site.

#1 They help blend indoors and outdoor.

Exterior bifold doors do a great job at helping to remove the barrier between your indoor space and your garden. When they are close they help give a great view of your garden but when they are open they are perfect for hosting garden parties, barbeques and other activities. It means people don’t have to squeeze in and out of traditional patio doors.

#2 They don’t take up much space when folded back

This kind of expands on point number 1. When they are folded back they don’t take up much room around the edge of the doorway. This gives you a bigger opening to walk in and out of. This can be especially useful if the area if you live in, is quite a small space.

#3 They let a lot of natural light in

For small areas, bifold doors can really help add a lot of brightness into your room. The benefit of aluminium doors is that they have very thin frames when compared to PVC doors.

#4 It just gives you more options

With traditional doors, you have to think about the wind possibly blowing them open or slamming them closed. With bi-fold doors, you just have so many more options. You could slide the door open a couple of inches to let a bit of air in or you can slide it all the way open knowing you won’t have to wedge the door open with a plant pot. Compared to normal patio doors that open wide or even old school sliding doors, bifold doors just give you more flexibility.

#5 A slick operation

With traditional doors, you often get a big lip along the bottom. This can become a hazard if you are in and out a lot. With bifold doors this lip is only very small which means its great for older people who may have mobility issues as they are less likely to trip when going in and out. It’s also useful if you have kids who are running in and out all day.

#6 You can add access doors

People think that it’s going to be hard work to slide the doors open and closed all the time. Especially if you just want to pop out for 5 minutes with your coffee in the morning. To get around this you can add in an access door which works just like any standard door that swings open. This gives you the best of both worlds!


There are many more features we could talk about but we hope the above has done enough to convince you that aluminium bifold doors are a great option that gives you a lot more flexibility over regular patio doors.