Preparing your conservatory for the Summer

Preparing your conservatory for the Summer

A conservatory makes a perfect addition to any home, particularly if you like to enjoy your summer evenings in a warm, comfortable space. It makes a great space in which the kids can play or a romantic dining room space for moonlit evenings, or even as a second living room for tea and house parties. However during the hotter months at the peak of summer, if not properly attended to, conservatories can get a little hot and stuffy. This can often ruin an otherwise beautiful day, so what can be done to help cool down your conservatory in preparation for the summer heat waves?

If you’re planning on having a conservatory extension done, you might want to consider installing these features as you build as you will be saving a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. If your home already has a built in conservatory, or you have just moved to a new home complete with conservatory however, our suggestions do not provide too much hassle should you want to make your conservatory a little more comfortable for the summer. For planned builds, it goes without saying but make sure you have the proper permissions before starting on your new conservatory!

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Double or Single Glazing?

Single Glazing is a good idea if you want to keep your conservatory cool during summer; however double glazing helps during the winter to reduce heating costs. It all depends a lot on how often you plan to use your conservatory during the summer and during the winter, as you’ll most likely get the most use out of it during the summer time, however with the British weather being as fickle as it is sometimes cold summers combined with colder winters can make you wish you’d installed that double glazing after all!

Double glazing will have an effect on heat retention during the summer, however if you have a wet, hot summer, single glazed windows are more likely to be susceptible to condensation and therefore have a higher risk of cultivating mould if you leave them for a few days. In the long run double glazing – while hotter – is easier to maintain and there are other ways you can cool down your conservatory in the summer.

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Choosing your ideal flooring has a great effect on keeping your conservatory cool during the summer. Laminate flooring, while inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, heats up easily in the warm weather and can feel sticky on sweaty feet. However laminate works as a better alternative to timber if you want a continued wood grain effect throughout your house, as timber will warp and twist under the summer heat.

Stone tiles or ceramic tiles are often widely considered to be the best style of flooring for a conservatory as they do not retain heat, making them great for the summer as they remain cool to the touch. Be wary of stepping on these during the winter, as they’ll be twice as cold, but this can be easily resolved with under-floor heating. Stone tiles also come in a variety of materials and colours which can be suited to match the style of your home.


We talked about double glazing before but now we really want to focus about window coverings or protection. By installing blinds or window shutters, you can help to keep your conservatory cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Window shutters are also incredibly flexible because they can be installed at an angle, ideal for conservatories glass roofs!

If your back garden has low fences or is overlooked by any other properties, shutters and blinds also work wonders for increasing privacy, and with a range of styles available you will have more than enough choice when setting out to match the shutters or blinds with your new flooring.

Air Flow

Good air flow is especially important during the summer, as hot air can quickly get stuffy and uncomfortable.  Depending on your budget there are a few options available for increasing the air flow to ensure that your conservatory stays nice and cool in the summer. Roof vents are a good way of taking out old, stale air and drawing in fresh air from outside, which can be good although it may lead to condensation if you have single glazed windows if it has been raining recently.

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Air conditioning and extractor fans are always a winning combination when it comes to cooling down rooms within the house, but extractor fans tend to suck all of the moisture out of the air, leaving it a little stale and dry. If you’re a little too worried about the price, there is nothing wrong with opening a few windows as it provides a natural air flow, just be careful about remembering to close them again after dark!

Now that we’ve looked at a number of features you can add or alter to your conservatory, you should get a lot more enjoyment out of it this summer! Conservatories are beautiful, spacious rooms that can really bring out the true beauty of summer, without exposing you to the potential windy chills of the British summer! Even on hot rainy days or just plain gloomy rainy days, a conservatory adds a little extra magic to relaxing in your garden, as the soft drumming of the rain on the rooftop is quite soothing.

However you choose to spend your summer, make sure you get the most out of your conservatory so that you can show off its unique beauty. Conservatories really are a magnificent addition to any home and with a wide range of uses, whether you’re a young couple living in your first home or you’re a family with several small kids, a conservatory provides an alternate space that can easily be suited to the individual needs of your home. Spruce up your conservatory for summer today and see what a difference it can make!

Mike James
Content Editor