The Next Wave of Shipping Container Construction: Dome Shelters

The Next Wave of Shipping Container Construction: Dome Shelters

Dome shelters have come a long way since disaster refugee camps, or entombing the dangerous Chernobyl reactor back in 1986.

Dome Shelter Image from Port Shelters

Photo Credit by Port Shelters

In recent years, as tiny houses and container homes continue to maintain their boom in popularity – many contemporary do-it-yourself architects are turning to the prefab housing market for additional tweaks and modifications for their trendy digs.

Dome shelters have been interwoven into the re-purposed shipping container tapestry, creating unique and functional roof tops or segments within these custom home projects.

Dome shelters are incredibly versatile and because of this they are starting to grow beyond the current shipping container home craze.

Serving more utilitarian purposes around the house (instead of serving as one), dome shelters are making a massive come-back as additional structures.

Some of the ways dome shelters are being used around the house:

  • Car parks
  • Green houses
  • Backyard storage
  • Guest house
  • Pool house
  • Pop-up bar for the backyard
  • Chicken coop

Benefits of Shipping Container Dome Shelters

There are a number of reasons why repurposing shipping containers make sense.

The designs made with shipping container dome shelters do not need to look like they came from a shipping container, as they can underpin whatever look you’re going for. They’re cheap, easy to lay out, and their regulated dimensions make them easy to plan for and construct with any design you come up with using 3D software like Google’s Sketchup, or download from the internet.

They’re cheap enough to consider that outdoor bar and BBQ you’ve been dreaming of, and robust enough to handle the entire load of housing your family.

A Relatively Easy Process

Converting a shipping container into a useful dome shelter structure isn’t as hard as one might think, and many are available prefabricated and ready to go online.

Anyone interested in using shipping container dome shelters as the raw materials for a building project can rest easy; building with shipping containers drastically reduces the amount of labour required to construct a safe structure, up to code.

There are also many, many designs available online, and a simple Google search can reveal thousands of possible building ideas and building plans available for download. And due to their popularity, finding a company to help with the process won’t be difficult, either.

All things considered, we heart shipping containers for their many uses and versatility. Recycling something never felt more amazing! Who could have guessed?

What do you think? Let us know your awesome ideas for repurposing shipping containers in the comments!