All you Need to Know about Polycarbonates

All you Need to Know about Polycarbonates


Polycarbonates are a type of plastic with greater strength than polyethylene and acrylic. Because of this, it has replaced these materials in the construction of greenhouses. There are many other applications where polycarbonates are becoming preferred to other materials like glass. Some of these uses are industrial while others are domestic.

The following are areas where you can apply polycarbonates around your home:


Originally, glass and polyethylene were the main transparent materials used in greenhouses. Polycarbonate sheets have become preferable due to the following reasons;

  1. Shatterproof- One thing that makes glass a risk around your home is shattering. With these poly sheets, you can stop worrying about it.
  2. Light-A greenhouse built with glass bears a lot more weight than one with poly sheeting. As such it reduces the need to use stronger frames, and thus it saves on cost.
  3. Strong-Polyethylene is more susceptible to tearing than these hard plastic sheets. Due to this strength polycarbonate sheeting is more durable.
  4. Spreads light well- This material is thicker than glass which enables it to spread light more evenly around the greenhouse. As a result, you are likely to get a better harvest.
  5. Insulation- polycarbonate is a poorer conductor of heat than glass. Because of this quality, the greenhouse is insulated better with a polycarbonate sheet.

Pergolas and canopies

The main setback against other transparent and translucent roofing materials has often been their inability to block ultraviolet rays from the sun. Polycarbonate sheets are increasingly popular for pergolas and canopies because they offer a high level of protection against harmful rays from the sun. Apart from this they also offer;

Beauty- These sheets come in many colors, and you can choose one that is to your taste. It is easy to have the pergola blend with the colors of your house and garden. Another quality that adds to their beauty is the flexible nature of a polycarbonate sheet. They can be curved slightly to create a nice look. Consequently, you have a lot of design options.

Strength-Pergolas made of polycarbonate sheeting are not going to be blown away as lightly as tarpaulin pergolas. They will also last because of this.

Light- The light weight of poly roofing sheets, especially when contrasted with metal sheets, makes them highly advantageous. This lightness allows for the structure to be designed to bear less weight and this saves money.


Another good use of this material is in making roofing panels fort detached and semi detached parking spaces in your home.


Shades made of this type of plastic are another cool addition you can consider for your home. They are commonly used in roller shutters as well. Due to their strength, a burglar will not have an easy time breaking in as it would be with ordinary glass.


Today you can see these plastic sheets in the clear parts of your furniture. Another use is in creating small partitions. This is possible because the panels come in different tints which can be useful in keeping your garden or your swimming pool private.


You can have transparent roofs in rooms where you desire direct sunlight. The panels may look transparent, but they can withstand impact. Thus they are safe for roofs.