Marrakech Conference Facing the Aftermath of US Elections

Marrakech Conference Facing the Aftermath of US Elections



With the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, we’re all about to witness a huge change in how environmental protection is dealt with in the US and their interests abroad.

For those of us who prioritize environmentalism and doing our part for the world, it’s a matter of grave concern and one I plan to discuss from time to time on the blog as new information is made public.

Among threats to leave environmental treaties, place a climate-change denier to head the EPA transition, and the many promises by Trump to significantly reduce spending on environmental protection, there’s cause for concern.

And it’s already starting…

The Marrakech Climate Change Conference is well on its way as controversy regarding Trump’s stance on global warming is arising. The conference is currently in session at Marrakech, Morocco from November 7-18, 2016 where almost 200 country representatives are gathering to discuss the future of climate protection.

But with President Trump soon to be placed as president of the United States, it’s left everyone with hesitation on how to move forward and whether the US will even be a supporting part of any agreements.

What is the purpose of the conference?

The conference is being held to discuss the Paris Agreement, an agreement which is calling for the emission of greenhouse gases. It’s the first universal and legally-binding climate deal which has been achieved regarding climate change.

How does this relate to the elections?

Currently there have been controversies related to the Paris Agreement as president-elect Donald Trump has publically expressed his intention to withdraw from the agreement as he believes global warming to be a hoax.

Because of the stance Trump has taken in relation to the agreement there are many of us left wondering what could happen throughout the Marrakech Climate Change Conference and more specifically, where does the United States stand on the issue of climate change?

Trump and his advisors seem to be looking for a way to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, one that would not require for the previously established four-year wait. His triumph in the US elections has been a focus of discussions in Marrakech, but it appears his victory hasn’t affected negotiations; instead, the efforts seem to continue.

What do we know of Marrakech?

There has been significant debate throughout the conference on whether or not to allow fossil-fuel lobbyists to participate in the negotiations. Countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela and China have asked for a policy that requires groups representing fossil fuel companies to not be allowed to participate without a prior screening. Basically, anyone who proves to have any conflict of interest would not be entitled to the negotiations. This policy also includes groups who have funded climate change denial.

One of the objectives of the policy seems to be to help ensure that Trump has as little influence as possible in the climate change campaign.

Companies such as OSRAM, a light manufacturer from Germany, who are committed to creating environmentally-friendly products, have proclaimed to take the Marrakech Climate Change Conference very seriously as well as what may come from it. They believe it is important “to develop ecologically sophisticated products in order to contribute to the sustainable protection of resources”. Other eco-friendly companies are joining suit in their stand to protect agreements and continue their dedication to environmental protection.

Hopefully, more companies will become a part of the force to push for environmentally-friendly legislation and agreements. Through their support, eco-friendly developments can gain greater momentum and the negative impact of Trump’s actions can be diluted.

It’s on us to protect our environment – now more than ever.