Making your home more eco-friendly through technology

Making your home more eco-friendly through technology

Making your home more environmentally friendly has become a lot easier over the last few years. New technology such as advanced apps and the affordability of smartphones and data has led to some real breakthroughs. Here are some things to consider as you improve the environmental footprint of your home:


This revolutionary app has more people than ever carpooling. Users can announce where they are going and others can contact them to carpool. The person driving gets a small fee for petrol and time. This app is responsible for reducing emissions and decreasing the amount of traffic congestion on busy highways.

End junk mail

Most of us don’t get a whole lot of letters in the digital age, but we still seem to get plenty of sales flyers and advertisements that we never want to look at. All that paper takes a lot of resources to process, print and mail. With the PaperKarma app, you can take a picture of junk mail addressed to you and the app will automatically contact the mailer and remove you from their distribution list so you don’t have to deal with their junk mail ever again.

Buy and eat local

Many people are aware of the positive effects of eating foods that are locally grown and produced. When you eat local, you are not contributing to the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels to deliver food from far away. Eating local foods encourages you to eat with the seasons as well, rather than getting food shipped in from halfway around the world in an “off season”. Apples in autumn are great, but do you really need to get apples from Peru in the spring? The Locavore app makes it easy for you find the foods you want, as close to your home or business as possible.

Environmentally conscious apps are hot

There are new apps and life-changing technologies being invented every day, and many of these apps appeal to the environmentally conscious among us. To keep up on the digital media news you need to read tech blogs such as Rev2. They have the latest news from many different technological sectors and can help you develop a state of the art app if you have a great idea.

Smart thermostats

If you are away from your home often, you can manage the heating and cooling needs of your home from any location with internet access. This means you can lower the temperature of your home while away in the winter, and then turn it up so you have a cosy house when you arrive back. In the summer, you can set the air conditioner higher while away, and lower it before coming home for the evening.

Small steps equal big changes

Small steps to make your home more eco-friendly can add up to some big overall changes in your utility bills, health, and overall wellbeing. Research the advances made in mobile technology and take advantage of what is available.