Make Your Pool a Special Place to Be

Make Your Pool a Special Place to Be

There’s no doubt that a pool in your backyard is a great thing to have. It’s something that can be used by all the family, and when you have friends around, you can make it a pool party! It’s also a great thing for adding value to your home, as pools are as popular as ever, and the kids can have their friends around for fun and frolics! No matter how little or how much space you might have, you can probably find a pool to suit, but how can you make your pool really special? Here’s some tips that might help!

Add Underwater Lights

You’re probably going to be using your pool into the night, especially in the warmer months, and there are some great lighting options available for a wide range of pools. You can put coloured lights into the water – they are fully sealed and approved for underwater use – that have a fantastic effect and send the light upwards. You can also put lights around the edge of the pool for a great look, and if you have a patio, then lights on there are also a bonus – and look great, too.

Add a Slide

A slide is a fabulous way of adding fun to your backyard pool, and need not cost a great deal. There are many different designs on the market – some very simple, others more complex and exciting – and they can be fitted easily. Your kids with love it, and so will everyone else’s when they get invited over at the weekend! Check them out and see what you can find that would fit your pool.

Make it Bespoke

Were you thinking of a traditional rectangular pool? We weren’t! We’re thinking about a bespoke design, one created by a professional backyard pool designer who has the experience and knowledge to create something unique and original that will be the perfect addition to your space. You’ll be amazed at what pool designers such as Lucas Lagoons Design, who are a leading name in pool design, can come up with, and you’ll never look at a standard pool again! Have a look at some examples, as we think you’ll be hooked.

Put Decking In

A pool isn’t a pool without somewhere to lounge beside it, enjoying a drink in the evening or  barbecue with friends and family. The perfect space to do all of this is a deck, and decking remains easy to get fitted, simple to maintain and surprisingly inexpensive. Talk to your friends and you’ll find someone with a great deck, then get the name of the installer and ask them for a quote!

A pool really is a wonderful addition to any yard, and remember to look into heating it too, so that you can use it even in the cooler months. Have a look at examples and check out those bespoke designs as they really are very special, and start the ball rolling to have your own pool in your backyard.