Some Major Variations of Electronic Cigarettes

Some Major Variations of Electronic Cigarettes



Going green is a gradual process, which you can’t merely bypass by just waking up one morning and then suddenly you’ve completely reduced your carbon footprint to near total carbon neutrality, especially if you’re going to be targeting some of the more addictive habits in your life like smoking.

While the simulated effect of tobacco smoking, generated by the use of an electronic cigarette (personal vaporiser, or PV, as it is known to some) is becoming more and more widely accepted and practiced as a suitable alternative to the more harmful effects of a traditional cigarette. What many e-cigarette users may come to realise, is that there are many different variations to e-cigarettes. Some of these can be explored and customised to vastly improve the unique user experience, as explored below by our digital agency. Manchester, like many cities, now hosts a number of e-cigarette shops and cafes, all of which carry interesting options.


The first and probably most apparent variation is in the design of the e-cigarette, as an entire unit, or variation in the accessories and components which fit into the main cartridge. Mouthpiece shapes and sizes, as part of the atomiser-housing cartridge, generally offer some variations as well, from which end-users choose to fit their specific style and comfort needs.

Starter Kits

Starter kits have a number of different variations, from the size and design of the carry case right up to the constituents and the design and functionalities of the various componants, which could include accessories such as a battery charger (which often comes with a USB-variation), the batteries themselves as well as cartridge.

Other major variations include the likes of nicotine strength, battery-life and flavor options.


While some of these are more physical and aesthetic ways in which electronic cigarettes vary, the main difference between electronic cigarettes, is in the quality of the vapours associated with the brand, which ultimately enrich the user experience – and it appears to be that experience that is the marketing goal of the more successful brands.

Electronic cigarette cartridge flavors are probably most central to the user-experience and probably and are by far the largest variation in electronic cigarettes, with the likes of apple, vanilla, lemon, mint, orange, strawberry, tobacco, grape, coffee, chocolate and cherry making for a great variety.

Nicotine Strength

One of the top reasons stated by smokers making the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes to the more versatile electronic cigarette, is the health management implications that come with the choice of variable nicotine strength. Anything from 0mg right up to 11mg is available, to the tune of 0mg, 3mg (ultra light), 6mg (light), 8mg (medium) and 11mg (red), which offers a less pressured option for those trying to cut down or ultimately quit altogether.

Battery Life

You can have the best-looking, most comfortable and best-tasting e-cigarette in your possession, but all of that means nothing if it isn’t powered for as long as you might like. Depending on how long your day can go without having to recharge, a choice between the smaller 7cm or slightly larger 8.3cm charger is available, but it all depends on which one fits into your lifestyle.

All of these basically make up the major variations of the electronic cigarette and the aim is for you, as the end-user, to have the ultimate user-experience that suits your specific needs and taste. For the environmentally-friendly dirty smoker among us, these little gadgets open up a whole world of options to help relieve our guilt.