Maintenance Jobs You Should do on Your Vacuum

Maintenance Jobs You Should do on Your Vacuum

There are some household appliances that are so regularly used we take them for granted. The vacuum, for example: when did you last check it over? The answer is usually either ‘a long time ago’ or ‘never’! It’s one of those appliances that while we know it is important, we simply use it and put it away without further thought.

However, even the vacuum needs some light maintenance every now and again to keep it up and running. What should you be doing with your vacuum to make sure it runs efficiently? That depends on the type, make, and model that you have, but for this brief article we’re assuming you have one of the regular models with a bag inside. That’s where we will begin: the bag, and what you need to do with it.

Change the Bag Regularly

The bag in your vacuum is where all the dirt and dust it picks up goes. It is always sensible to change to a new bag for the most efficient operation of your vacuum. There are standard universal bags that you can buy cheaply. However, if you have a certain make, it may be sensible to buy their own bespoke bags. For example, should you have a Miele vacuum you may want to check out the Housmile Duster Bag for Miele which is a quality item that is also cost-effective. Same for Hoover, and other brands, who also supply their own bags.

Check the Hoses for Blockages

Next, you need to check that the hoses that take in the debris are not blocked. If you have noticed the machine is not working as well as it was, it could be there is something blocking the pipes or hoses. This is easy to find out as you can look into them and see where the problem is. It’s worth checking them every now and again to see if debris is building up and cleaning them accordingly.

Check the Brushes for Wear and Tear

The brushes on the bottom of your vacuum are there to help collect the dirt. They do become worn after some time and need replacing for full efficiency. You’ll notice that the machine is not collecting as much, and a quick look can also expose damage or wear. Also, if you have a machine that has a belt, this can become stretched and eventually will affect performance, so check that while you are checking the brushes. All brands offer replacement brushes that are easy to fit.

Clean the Vacuum Every Now and Then

Finally, give your vacuum a good clean every now and then. Pick hair and debris out of the corners where they tend to get stuck and for the roller types of vacuums, remove anything that has become tangled and stuck around the rollers themselves. Wipe over the body with a damp cloth, perform the checks we listed above, and you’re ready to start cleaning those floors with maximum efficiency.