Kitchen Restoration Tips for the Frugal Homeowner

Kitchen Restoration Tips for the Frugal Homeowner

Home improvement is a work in constant progress.  However, you can’t pick money from a tree.  You need to be smart and frugal when it comes to kitchen renovation.  Consider improvements that wont break the bank.


Cabinet faces account for a majority of the kitchen’s appearance, the reason custom projects are so expensive.  However, a number of designers suggest renovating faces rather than buying new ones.  Use sandpaper to smooth wood and timber surfaces, and provide a fresh coat of paint.


Those who renovate cabinets are destined to desire new flooring.  Yet, a new floor can cost way more than new cabinets.  However, save by purchasing flooring supplies online and doing most of the labour yourself.  If you’re not an expert layer, removing old flooring and ensuring the floor is level saves money on initial vendor labour costs.


Stone, concrete, and granite surfaces look luxurious but cost.  As an alternative, consider a range of laminate materials.  Get creative with contrasting colours for a unique appearance.  Also, if granite or an expensive material is an unwavering desire, use the expensive material on a limited portion of the counter or a kitchen island.  Mix materials for a memorable yet affordable renovation.  Contact if you need end-to-end counseling or guidance regarding counter surfaces.


Purchasing major appliances is like eating a meal.  You could prepare beans and rice at home or go to an expensive restaurant.  High-end appliances are available, yet frugal homeowners opt for last year’s models, or those used in showrooms and sold at a discount.  Additionally, manufacturers offer returned or refurbished models at a considerable discount.  Speak with individual vendors.

Moreover, unless you’re a chef of a five-star restaurant or feeding an army, you won’t need ‘pro’ or ‘ultra’ models; last year’s models will cook and prepare food just as well.


Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity destinations help those looking to cut corners and save money on appliances and kitchen furniture.  Check online for destinations in your area.  However, you’ll need to get items home on your own.  Most salvation stores do not offer delivery services.  Moreover, check local personal ads for those selling kitchenware and furniture.  Even if you don’t like a used item as is, you can purchase at a discount and invest time in repainting and restoring.

Light Fixtures and Switches

Updating the light fixtures and switches is one of the easiest ways to renovate without spending.  Replace fluorescent lighting with track lighting and other home décor options.  Moreover, choose bold, large switch fixtures to draw attention.  A little bit of style goes a long way in an otherwise neutral kitchen.


An ornate and intricately constructed tile backsplash floods the wallet of money.  Using a fraction of the tiles costs less yet provides style and a sense of accomplishment.  Additionally, rather than a professional, fix the tile yourself.


Wooden baskets are cheap yet beautiful when coupled with ribbon and filled with potpourri, fresh fruit, flowers, etc.  Create a theme.  For example, fill baskets with literary classics, tea, rare writing instruments, and other bookish items to emulate a café vibe.  Alternatively, fill baskets with remote controllers, DVDs, video game consoles, gaming magazines, etc.


Some purchase a kitchen table along with other tables to display in a dining room or entertainment area.  Use other surfaces as your ‘kitchen table.’  Think about dining out; zero diners eat in the kitchen of the restaurant.  There’s no need for a table in the kitchen if you other eating surfaces in the house.


Operate a business out of your home, baking desserts or preparing foods to serve from a cart.  Investing in high-end equipment allows for greater food production.  Write off the investment in kitchen utilities as business expenses, and save money while making an additional income.

You don’t need to break the bank to beautify a kitchen.  Use more creativity and less money during your next renovation project.

Brianna Burnage loves to restore old homes. An avid writer, she then likes to share what has worked for her. Look for her helpful posts on many home improvement and DIY websites today.