Keep Your Home Secure With These Green Ideas

Keep Your Home Secure With These Green Ideas

Home invasion is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Everybody fears it happening to them. No matter if crime is on the rise or fall, the cold hand of breaking and entering is always on the home owner’s shoulder.

The idea of having this stranger forcefully entering your home is terrifying. Especially if you have children. So what can you do about that?

Here are a couple green options you can look into. No electricity required.


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Fitting bolts and chains to the doors and windows will give you a solid line of defense. It isn’t impenetrable, but it can severely hamper a home invader’s ability to get in. Not only that, it will almost certainly require force.

If a home invader has to use force, that means they can be heard. Whether you’re at home or not, the noise should hopefully attract someone. This immediately puts the home invader at risk.

Do they continue trying to break in? They could get caught by Police in the process. Even if they cease, they’ve already blown their opportunity getting into your house.

If you want a more proactive deterrent, how about a dog? A trained guard dog isn’t necessary. Most dogs are territorial, and if they perceive someone they don’t know trying to get into their territory, they will make a noise.

Again, this could alert you or a neighbour into investigating. If worst comes to worst, a dog can actively defend your home. Hopefully it should act as a deterrent enough to dissuade the home invaders without the dog having to actually attack them.

Now, at some point you have to make compromises. It may have said no electricity at the top of this post, but let’s get real here. A proper intruder alarm is your best bet for defending your home from unwanted invaders.

Not only will it immediately set off a loud alarm that can be heard from streets away, but some alarms may even send distress signals out to the Police. In terms of response and alertness, you can’t get much better than that.

ADT security systems from Security Alarm Now are an option to consider. ADT has a long history of being a world class provider of security systems.

You may want to do a little research on finding a digital system with a low power draw. You can’t make it completely green, but you can get it close.

Finally, you could just take your chances with an unguarded house and hope your locks do the trick. Even if you lived miles away from civilization this shouldn’t be recommended.

A lock can be broken easier than you think. They could either try to pick it or just apply enough force to break it away from the wooden mooring.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety. If you have a family, you need to take the proper precautions. This extends to making sure doors are locked at night and windows are closed.

You never want to be caught short when it comes to security. Find a solution that works for you.