Is There Such a Thing as an Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner?

Is There Such a Thing as an Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner?

We all like to do our part for the environment, and it’s no different when it comes to cleaning our home. There is an abundance of cleaning chemicals and appliances that give off lots of emissions in every home. There are things you can do to change this, helping the environment and saving you money at the same time.

Changing to an eco-friendly vacuum cleaner is one of the best things you can do. Vacuums use a lot of energy when cleaning your home, and some use more than others. Look for a vacuum that uses less energy, but still has great suction power.

One of the biggest problems with vacuum cleaners is the impact they have at the end of their life. Very few, if any, vacuums are actually recycled, and this creates a huge amount of extra landfill waste.

One way to combat this is to purchase a vacuum cleaner that is built to last at least 5 years. In general, this will be the more expensive models. Most people opt for a cheap vacuum cleaner but in reality, an expensive vacuum will last five times longer than a cheaper model. This means that the cost is virtually the same over the lifetime of the expensive model, and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

The two vacuums below have been built to last a long time, and they also come with a guarantee of at least five years. This is a great sign that Shark and Dyson really believe that their products will last.

Shark IF260UKTH

The Shark IF260UKTH is one of the best vacuums on the market. It is a cordless stick vacuum, and it comes with two rechargeable batteries. It also has an easy to empty dirt cup, and lots of great features.

“The Shark IF260UKTH has a wealth of features and it is designed to last for years, making it a great eco-friendly vacuum cleaner”, explains James Garner who runs Clean Home Guide and has reviewed the best Shark vacuums.

Two of Shark’s best features are included with the IF260UKTH. DuoClean technology is built into the cleaning head, which has a soft roller brush and a bristle brush. The soft roller brush is ideal for cleaning hard floors, and the bristle brush is great for cleaning deep in the carpet fibres.

Flexology is a ground-breaking technology that allows the vacuum to bend in half. This is great for cleaning under furniture and also makes it ideal for saving storage space.

Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson have long been the king of vacuum cleaners, and their V11 Absolute model is one of the best on the market. After the release of the Dyson V10, Dyson announced that they would no longer be making corded vacuums any more.

The V11 Absolute has a brand new LCD display that alerts you to any problems, such as a blockage or the filter needing to be changed. The battery life is also displayed so you know exactly how much cleaning time you have left.

There are three cleaning modes on the V11: eco, medium and turbo. When the direct drive cleaning head is attached, medium mode becomes auto mode. In auto mode, the sensors in the direct drive head detect which floor type you are cleaning, and the vacuum adjusts the power accordingly.