How To Reduce Condensation

How To Reduce Condensation



Simple Steps You Can Take

Condensation can cause all kinds of problems – so it’s vital to stop it in its tracks.

Condensation is a common problem in many properties. If you’re battling it in your home, then you’re not alone. For those who are just finding out how much of an issue it can be, it is caused by moist air coming into contact with a cold surface. Those little water drops that form are condensation – and without due care and attention it can lead to all kinds of problems, from peeling wallpaper to dangerous mould. So how can you reduce condensation in your home? There are numerous steps you can take, from quick fixes to long term solutions.

Washing and drying clothes

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent condensation is to be aware of how you are washing and drying your laundry. It’s vital that you keep your washing machine in a room that has adequate ventilation, as it can let off a staggering amount of moisture into the air. It doesn’t end when the washing machine is switched off though. You should always aim to dry your clothes outside because of the moisture that they will release into the air. If drying them outside isn’t possible, then hang them up indoors with a window or door open.


Secondly, invest in an extractor fan for your kitchen. Cooking can generate huge amounts of moisture, and it’s important that you stop as much of it as possible. When you’ve finished cooking, don’t turn the extractor off straight away – let it run for a little while to fully clear the air. If buying an extractor isn’t an option for you right now, keeping lids on pans while you cook will help to cut down on steam and reduce any condensation.


Keeping the house well heated is a must. Condensation occurs when surfaces are cold, so maintaining a warm (nothing too drastic, don’t worry!) temperature will help to stop it forming in the first place.  Electric tube heaters are a great option, as they’re cheap to run, easy to install and are really effective at preventing condensation. Be sure to order yours from a reputable company like We Are Tubular Heaters, who will be able to offer you plenty of advice and get your heaters up and running in no time at all.


Keeping your property warm is all well and good, but you need to stop that heat from then escaping. If you don’t have it already, give some serious thought to double glazing, which will stop heat escaping through your windows and doors. Roof and wall insulation is another great way of cutting down on heat loss too. Both double glazing and insulation won’t just prevent condensation, they’ll cut your heating bills too!

It’s easy to keep your home condensation free

As you can see, there are all kinds of different ways of reducing and then preventing condensation in your home. Even if you have already noticed signs of condensation in your property, taking action will greatly reduce the impact it has on your home, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy your property again. Make some of those changes today!