How to Protect Your Home Against Viruses and Germs

How to Protect Your Home Against Viruses and Germs



While it can sometimes be detrimental to overdo disinfection in your house, it doesn’t mean that you should let germs and viruses roam free. There is a set of precautions that you can take to eliminate germs, bacteria, and virus from proliferating in the house and lower the chances of infections. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to stop germs and prevent them from spreading inside your home.

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Know which Areas to Target

Many people may have a misconception of which areas are more dangerous than others and focus on the wrong areas. But did you know that your kitchen sink could actually have more bacteria and germs in it than your garbage can or toilet?

Another hot spot for germs is the toothbrush holder. Why the toothbrush holder you ask? Well, one of the reasons why toothbrush holders attract germs is that they’re often right next to the toilet bowl and fine particles are sent flying into the air every time you flush. Also, a lot of people just neglect them and focus on the areas they think are more important. So, make sure you clean and disinfect your toothbrush holder often, close the lid when flushing, and move the holder to somewhere safer.

Make Sure to not Share Personal Items

You shouldn’t share things like razors, washcloths, or nail clippers with other people in your family. Everybody should wear their own socks, have their own personal towels, and not share anything that comes in close contact with their skin.

Sharing these items could lead to things like warts spreading from member to member. And if you notice someone in the family starts developing them, then make sure that you treat them immediately. There are plenty of natural wart control products out there that you can use that will stop them before they aggravate and start spreading.

Daily Speed-Cleaning Tips

If you really want to keep germs at bay, you have to do some daily maintenance. It’s even more important if you have many children and/or pets. But you don’t have to spend hours cleaning every day. You could kill lots of germs just with a 30-minute daily routine.

The first areas you should focus on are countertops, the kitchen sink, and cutting boards. If you have a specialty countertop, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning them. Take all used dishcloths, throw them in the washer and clean with hot water. Make sure that you change them every day. Empty your bathroom’s wastebasket and disinfect it. Sanitize the bathroom sink handles and faucet. Wash and disinfect all pet toys. If your child still uses a binky, put it in your dishwasher on the top tray if it’s dishwasher safe, or clean it with dish soap and hot water.


All these tips will allow you to stop germs right in their track. Make sure that you follow these instructions if you want to reduce the chances of infections and diseases spreading inside your house.