How to Prevent Heating Oil Theft

How to Prevent Heating Oil Theft

Theft of heating oil is a common crime that occurs throughout the country, but in the United States, the occurrence of this type of crime is more prevalent than you might think. Theft of cheap home heating oil is a growing problem, and in some areas, it has reached epidemic proportions. If you suspect theft, it is important to protect yourself. If you are unsure whether there is a problem, here are some things to do:

The first step to preventing theft is to educate yourself about the fact that fuel thieves target heating oil tanks in order to profit from them. Keeping a watchful eye on your propane tank is vital. Checking your propane level is another way to protect yourself from this kind of criminal activity. It’s important to keep the perimeter of your property secure and your oil tank is hidden. In addition to this, you should have enough space for maintenance.

Put a roof over your tank

The best way to deter a thief is to install a roof over your tank. This is a great way to prevent a thief from being able to find your oil tank through a Google search. It is also important to lock your tank with a good padlock. The thieves will take care of your oil supply when they are not looking for it. However, if you are storing a large quantity of fuel, you should secure it in a vault.

Ensure its locked

There are several ways to prevent heating oil theft. The first step is to lock your tank with a security device. A security system can be installed in your home, and this is the most reliable and convenient way to prevent a heating oil theft. If you are not a member of a community, you can also contact local neighborhood watch organizations to report a theft to the police. If you’re worried about losing your fuel, you can consider using a security alarm and a watchman alarm.

Hide it with plants or put a security light on it

If you have a tank that is visible from the street, thieves will not target it. It’s important to make sure your tank is well-lit and invisible from the street. Even if it’s in a dark spot, you should consider installing a security lighting system. A burglar will not target a well-lit area. Your heating oil is a valuable asset during cold months. Theft can be avoided by taking steps to protect your tank.

Theft of heating oil can take place at any time. The criminal will often come to your home to steal fuel. In some cases, this theft will be done by stealing the tank and selling it to other people. If you are a victim of a heating oil theft, you should report it to the police immediately. It can be extremely difficult for them to prove the theft, but they’ll probably have enough evidence to prosecute you.