How to Pick the Best Shower Head

How to Pick the Best Shower Head

Whether you are looking at PlumbTile for their range of shower heads because you want to save money or improve on the water pressure your current model has; you may find it trickier than you’d expect because of the wide array of models and styles available.  With that in mind we have put together a brief guide with tips to help you find the best shower head for your money.

Check The Water Pressure

It’s probably the case that like most people, you are looking for as high volume and large a shower head as you can get.  The thing you need to remember though that in order to operate these fully, you need water pressure in your shower of at least 55 psi(pounds per square inch).  The majority of hardware stores sell special testers you can purchase to screw onto the arm of your shower where the head would normally go to figure out what the actual water pressure of your shower system is.  Usually, it will be somewhere between 40 to 60 psi, but it is always worth getting a more precise reading.

By Saving Water, You Can Save Money

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to eliminate the problem of low water pressure is by using a shower head that requires less.  Most standard shower heads use around 2.5 gallons a minute, though some older units use more.  If you find shower heads with the EPA WaterSense Certification however, they use 2 GPM or less.

Water Pressure Is Far More Important Than Water Volume

When it comes to buying a brand new shower head, but not shower system, it is a good idea to match the new one as best you can to your current hardware.  And remember when looking at shower heads, the actual water pressure is more important for a good flow than the volume.