How to Find the Right Kitchen Chimney

How to Find the Right Kitchen Chimney

A chimney is essential in our day to day life because it protects our kitchen from smoke, oil, grease, and dust. Generally, there are types of dishes consisting of several spices and oil which leads to mark an impression on the ceilings as well as on the tiles in your kitchen. Like several other parts or rooms of your house, you need to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. As the food is being prepared over here so kitchen hygiene is very much important. You may fall sick if the hygiene is not maintained properly. Daily cleaning of slabs, tiles, racks and various other parts is quite necessary but you must also keep the air in the kitchen clean. The oil which comes from the food makes the wall and slabs greasy which is difficult to remove afterward and thus leads to a stinky smell. Earlier people used exhaust fans which were not efficient is sucking oil and grease from the food, so chimneys are the best option, efficient in removing oil and grease from the kitchen. There is various kind of chimneys which are available in the market right now. But to avoid confusion, these are some necessary tips:-

Based on types of chimneys available in the market:

  • Wall Mounted Chimney– This type of chimney is attached directly to the wall and placed just above the stove.
  • Corner Chimney– This type of chimney is placed at the corner of the kitchen and is fixed to the wall and takes comparatively less space.
  • Island Chimney– If your stove is located at the center of the kitchen, this type of chimney is ideal as it can be installed at the center, right above the stove.
  • Built-in Chimney– If you have a small kitchen, then this type of chimney is suitable as they are already engraved in the frame of the kitchen. These are mostly designed for modern kitchen appliances.

Based on types of Filter in chimneys available in the market:

It generally depends on the type of food cooked in the kitchen.

  • Cassette filter – It is made up of a mesh of aluminum layers which evaporates the oil mainly. It is not that effective against oil and is not suitable for Indian kitchens too. However, cleaning is a bit difficult as it requires frequent cleaning.
  • Baffle filter –Most of the baffle filters are used in Indian chimneys. It is generally better than the aluminum wire mesh filters. Cleaning is quite easy in this type of filter as it requires cleaning after 3 to 4 months. But it is expensive than the previous one.
  • Carbon filter – It is also very effective, made up of charcoal slates.It removes the pungent odor from the kitchen. But the slates need replacement after every five to six months at least as it cannot be washed by cleaning, hence making it more expensive than the other two.

Noise from the chimneys: 

Elderly people do not prefer noises much as they want the utmost peace for relaxation so you should look for a chimney that does not produce much noise. As compared to other filters present in chimney baffle filter produce much less noise thus creating no noise pollution in your home.

The suction power of the chimney:

It generally depends on the power of the motor in the chimney to suck or to evaporate the grease, odor from the food per hour. It is measured in terms of cubic meters per hour. The size of your kitchen plays a major role in calculating the suction power of your chimney.

The auto-clean facility of the chimney: 

Nowadays modern chimneys come with an auto cleaning facility so that you don’t have to waste your precious time cleaning frequently. Also, you don’t need to clean the grease and oils out of it.

Warranty and after service:

There are lots of warranty options available for a chimney, you need to buy the one which has a warranty period for a long time. Parts of the chimneys are quite complicated and thus need replacement often. So you don’t want to pay each time it gets damaged, so there comes the need for a warranty. Also, go through how efficient is the service provided by the company in cleaning the chimney or addressing some other issue. Chimneys do require frequent servicing and cleaning often so it is necessary to know everything about the company.

Hence, these are some of the few key points, you should look at while buying the right kind of chimney for your kitchen.