How to Earn Extra Cash for your Green Home

How to Earn Extra Cash for your Green Home

While it has the potential to make our life less expensive in the long run, converting your home to be ecologically friendly involves quite a bit of investment. Just look at the costs of alternative energy sources, the money you have to pay for generating your own natural gas, or the expenditure of switching to water saving installations. All this money has to come from somewhere. So, here are a few things that might help you make a bit of extra cash, that you can use to green your home further.

1. Blog about it

“DIY” and “Home decoration” are two extremely popular niches in today’s blogosphere. People love to share their creative ideas, and visitors are interested in hearing about them. If you plan to transform your house into an eco-friendly home, you can create a blog about the steps you take, the projects you start and ideas that you want to transform into reality. It’s likely that readers will come – and their visits can turn into a steady source of income (but more on that in a different article).

2. Play games for cash

As any endeavor to create an extra stream of income, gaming for real money has its risks. You can win, but you can also lose – that’s part of the game. But choosing the right operator and the right games can assure you a modest, but possibly steady stream of income.

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3. Ask your government for help

With global warming becoming a more and more pressing issue, many governments have introduced funding for ecological projects. These can range from tax returns on buying an electric car to grants helping you install wall insulation, solar energy, water recycling and more. Be sure to contact the authorities responsible for environmental protection to find out what projects you can get funding for, and if you are eligible.