How to Conserve Water in and Around the Home 

How to Conserve Water in and Around the Home 

For beings whose bodies contain 70% of water, it is shocking to know how irresponsible we are towards this natural resource. The water appears at the tap whenever we need it, and as much as we need.  But, are we confident that it will always be so?

Contrary to some common beliefs, water reserves are quite limited. In fact, only 1 percent of water on our blue planet can be used by people, and the rest is salt water.  Excessive water usage can affect the quality and quantity of water available, so there is no need to pour it down the drain.

What a waste

You can satisfy your demands with much less precious water, and all it takes sometimes is a slight adjustment of your lifestyle. Your car might not need a wash every week and neither do you need to treat yourself with a bath every day.

Water consumption depends on your plumbing fixtures, appliances, number of people in the household and other issues. I reckon it is easier to modify or replace your appliances than people under the roof, so pay attention.

Junk in a trunk

Older toilets flush much more gallons of water than needed. One of the ways to prevent unnecessary water consumption is to install a new, more efficient model such as one of those recommended by EPA. Namely, toilets with WaterSense label can reduce water used for flushing by 20% – 60%, which translates into $110 saved per year.

Moreover, you should always make sure your toilet is not leaking and that the flapper is working properly. Remember, the toilet is not a wastebasket, so don’t be lazy and use it as designed. We all like to take long soothing showers and bathes, but that is also a great way to waste water and throw away the money. If you can’t seem to keep your showers brief, install a low-flow showerhead and check for leaks. While you are at it, consider investing in a new front-loading washing machine which uses up to 50 percent less water that the old hardware.

Green, green grass of home

All of that won’t be worth a dime if you forget that the outdoor water use accounts for more than a half of your total water consumption. Make sure you know your plants and how much water they need. Over-watering is not only irrational, it is also unhealthy for your green friends. Keep track of the recent rainfall also, as the nature might have been generous in a past few weeks.

Fix you

Installing the low-flow plumbing fixtures can save you up to 30 percent of water you use in your house. That’s thousands of dollars in bills over the years. If you are not confident about your family member experimenting with the installations, call the professionals. I can say that these plumbers in Sydney are quick to respond, it took them about an hour to show up and deal with the problem.

Life goes on

Rational water conservation is not only about being environmentally conscious. It is a good way to shrink your bills. Avoid redundant washing, and replace older appliances. Check your house for leaks and repair them to reduce the indoor water consumption. Do not take the water for granted. It created the conditions for the life to thrive on this planet for millions of years. Why don’t we make it at least a few millions more?