How to Add Value to Your Bathroom on the Cheap

How to Add Value to Your Bathroom on the Cheap

So, you’re about to put your house on the market but you want to do just a little more to squeeze out every bit of value. That’s smart, but it can also be tricky – you don’t want to invest more than you get back. Luckily, the bathroom presents a number of opportunities for smart homeowners to add inexpensive improvements which will pay off when buyers come a-calling.

Reface Your Cabinets

Cabinets can take a beating over the years, especially in the bathroom. Hairdryers are banged down, water is splashed across the surface, and make-up is spilt.

However, don’t assume that that means you’ll need to replace the whole thing; it’s really far easier to reface. As long as you can make sure that the cabinets are structurally sound, a simple, cost-effective face-lift is really all your cabinets need.

Update the Lighting

Go into your bathroom right now and turn on the lights. Okay, if the lighting was either noticeably substandard or bright enough to make you feel like you’re in an interrogation room, it’s time to update the lighting.

Lighting makes a huge difference to a room, and yet it costs very little to renovate your choices. Right now, the best way to add value is by using many smaller light sources instead of one or two large bulbs. Smaller lights around the sink will make it easier to shave or apply make-up, while small recessed spotlights and track lighting provide softer illumination.

Get a Cool New Showerhead

Of all bathroom investments, a new showerhead is the one which will give the most while requiring the least. Even the fanciest showerheads are relatively inexpensive and often incredibly easy to install, but they can transform the feel of your bathroom and are an element of the space which potential buyers pay a surprising amount of attention to.

Indulge yourself with a rainfall showerhead, cut your bills by installing a water-saving model, or just update the room by buying something which catches the eye. Whichever option you choose is likely to pay off.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to entail a large restoration project, you just need to know the tricks of the trade.