How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

If you have a carpet or carpets that need some care and attention, then you’ve probably wondered the very question posed in the title of this post. You have two options open to you when it comes to cleaning your carpets. You can take the DIY approach, or simple hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Although there are many benefits of each, for this post we are going to focus on how much it costs to hire the professionals.

So, How Much Does it Actually Cost?

Although we could discuss the averages of between $25 and $75 for every room, it really depends on a few different factors. All homes are different, and all carpets are different, so there is no one answer to the question of how much it costs. Don’t despair though, as there are two ways most carpet cleaning companies calculate their costs.

Some charge per room, meaning they will quote a flat rate for each room they clean in your home. This way of charging for the work often includes a size cap. This means that the company could treat a single room as if it were two if its dimensions are over the maximum area, they consider to be one room.

You will also find that many companies will charge more if they must move furniture, so it may be in your best interest to sort that before they come along. That will help you reduce the cost a little.

The other way some companies determine the cost is by charging on a per square-foot basis. This may sound like a positive, but if you live in a smaller property, it may mean you pay more than a larger property owner, because the cleaning company will offset their material and travel expenses. However, because the material requirements and equipment setup are at a fixed rate with standard or larger properties, it will cost those homeowners slightly less for every square-foot cleaned.

Steam Carpet Cleaning or Dry Carpet Cleaning?

As well as the way the company charges for their services, the type of carpet cleaning you opt for could have an impact, either positively or negatively on the overall cost.

By far, the most popular cleaning method is steam cleaning. Although the name may suggest it, it doesn’t really use steam but high-pressure hot water and cleaning solution. The moisture is removed from the carpet via a hot water extractor. You then need to leave your carpets to dry for at least 24-hours.

Steam cleaning is generally recommended for deep cleaning, as directed by carpet manufacturers and this is often part of the warrant related to the flooring.

The cost will depend on where you live, though a national poll once suggested the range of cost for steam cleaning a whole property’s carpets was between $120 and $235.

The other method, dry cleaning, is often referred to as encapsulation or low moisture cleaning and uses a small amount of water and a chemical cleaner. It’s quicker but doesn’t offer as deep a clean as the high moisture methods.

Although we’ve not been able to give you an exact answer to the question, you can hopefully see what is taken into consideration. It’s always best to get at least three quotes and choose the company that meets your needs, requirements and budget best.