Housewarming Gifts for the Eco Friendly Family

Housewarming Gifts for the Eco Friendly Family

Today’s family is more environmentally conscientious than ever before. This can be a good thing really, until it comes time to buy a gift that isn’t synthetic, disposable or bad for the ecology in any way. If you have a friend or family member who recently bought a home and are in need of finding the perfect housewarming gift, you may be at your wit’s end trying to decide what to buy. Here are a few suggestions that just might inspire you on your quest.

Bamboo Kitchen Towel Set

Within the past couple of years, fabric woven from bamboo fibers has become extremely trendy, especially with those who have gone eco-friendly. Not only is it completely organic and biodegradable, but bamboo is more absorbent that cotton and fabric made from bamboo is extremely soft. A lovely bamboo kitchen towel set would make an ideal housewarming present.

Woven Fruit Basket

Another great idea for a housewarming gift would be to have a basket of delicious fresh fruits delivered from FTD. These are not only delicious but make a lovely centerpiece for the table and guests can either admire the scrumptious looking fresh fruits or can pick a piece to nibble on when passing the table. Some of this type of fruit baskets may even come with wine and/or cheese. Whether your host chooses to share the fruit or simply wants to leave it wrapped on the table, it is still a wonderful gift for this type of occasion.

Solar Powered Garden Lights

This is a housewarming party after all so any gift for the home will be appreciated. Those who are environmentally conscientious may really appreciate a set of solar powered garden lights. These are often set in bamboo posts and are found lining driveways or walkways in the garden. Since they do not use electricity, there is virtually no carbon footprint from solar powered lights which makes them a perfect housewarming gift for the eco-friendly family.

Natural Guest Soap Set

One of the most difficult to find household items which eco-friendly families absolutely love is natural soap. These are not made from harsh chemicals and are typically scented with essential oils. A nice set of natural soaps for the guest bathroom would be a great housewarming gift and one that would be something the new homeowners would truly appreciate. After all, having just moved into their new home they are probably buying the necessities first. While nice and useful, they wouldn’t quite be categorized as a necessity.

You just might find that in shopping for your friend that you begin thinking more in terms of how you can transition your own family into a lifestyle that is ‘greener.’ Nonetheless, you are looking for something that will be appreciated so your effort to find an environmentally friendly gift will not go unnoticed. Your friends will love their gift because it fits their lifestyle and even more so because it is truly a gift from the heart. These are just a few suggestions but amongst the nicest of gifts to give your environmentally conscientious friends.