Handmade Custom Neon Signs for Special Occasions

Handmade Custom Neon Signs for Special Occasions

Are you hosting or organising a party? Or perhaps you are looking for something unique and interesting to brighten up your home? There are  many great ideas out there, and as we now have the internet, browsing for ideas is easier than ever before! You might be a shop owner, or have a restaurant, bar or club, and want to give your place something people will remember.

We have a great idea for you – what about installing a custom made neon sign, one that reflects your business or simply gives your room a new look? Neon is back in fashion, and you will not believe the choice of designs you can have. Furthermore you will find that custom neon signs are surprisingly affordable, so you get value for money.

What sort of design are you looking for? If you check out Echo Neon, who offer a vast array of options in terms of designs and colours, you’ll find the choices are endless, and you’ll also see just how a neon sign can add something very special to your room or to your occasion.

Kid Friendly

Here’s an idea: what about decorating your kids bedroom by adding a neon sign? It could be in the shape of their name, or perhaps reflecting a favourite character or film? These modern neon signs are kid friendly, so you have no worries there, and they are also eco-friendly and are designed for low energy consumption.

If you want to save money further, why not have a look at their range of ready made neon signs? There are some great designs – a rainbow, for example, which simply oozes style and colour, and a moon that would look great as a child’s or adult’s bedroom light – and you can choose off the shelf, so save time and money.

There really is so much scope when it comes to choosing a custom neon sign and the result will give your room or event that ‘wow’ factor you are looking for.

Beautiful Colours

Think of the impact a beautiful, custom designed neon sign could have if it hung above the entrance to your business. Or, what about one behind a bar, or on the wall of a restaurant? Many businesses have used the service on offer at Echo Neon to get the look they want, and neon will always have the edge over a simple static sign, every time.

Check out the gallery on the Echo Neon website and you’ll see a wealth of superb custom designs that might inspire you, and also the off the shelf neon signs that you can buy straight away. Chat to one of the friendly team – they’ll be more than happy to give you a quote for the style and size of neon sign that you want – and ask them any questions you might have.

As we said earlier, neon is very much an in thing these days, and a custom made neon sign really will make your room look very special.