Frequently asked questions about kratom

Frequently asked questions about kratom

How safe is kratom to use?

Like many things, the key to how safe kratom is to use is how responsibly it is used.  There is a possibility that kratom can become habit forming if over used, but this is not the case when taken occasionally.  It is recommended that kratom only be taken once or twice per month, as needed, to ensure it does not becoming habit forming.

Are there any health concerns associated with using Kratom?

Responsible and infrequent use of kratom should not result in any health issues.  However, frequent or prolonged use can pose health concerns, including withdrawal symptoms such as muscle pain, persistent runny nose, irritability, crying jags and more.  In addition, as with most substances, it is possible to be allergic to kratom leaves.

Are there any possible negative interactions with kratom and other substances?

It is recommended that kratom not be mixed with other stimulants, including amphetamines and even coffee.  Doing so can potentially over-stimulate the nervous system and raise blood pressure to dangerous levels.  Similarly, kratom should not be taken with large amounts of alcohol, opiates or other drugs that affect the nervous system.  Doing so can result in dangerous respiratory distress.

It is generally safe to combine kratom with regular black tea and small amounts of alcohol, but alcohol consumption should be monitored closely when using kratom as well.  Smoking tobacco while under the influence of kratom is also generally considered to be safe.

Is kratom legal?

Currently, it is legal to purchase kratom in most countries, including most European countries and the United States.  It is, however, illegal in some countries such as Australia, Malaysia and Thailand.  If you are found to be in possession of kratom in these countries, you can be subject to potentially severe penalties.

Where is kratom available?

Kratom is available in several places.  If you have a nearby store that specializes in herbal remedies, there’s a good chance they will have it available for purchase there.  However, should you prefer to buy organic kratom leafs online in Canada, there are several websites offering it for sale as well.  Always be sure you are purchasing from a reliable source, so you are sure that you are getting what you are intending to buy.  And remember:  Although some vendors advertise various grades of kratom leaves and charge various prices for them, most users agree that there is little to no variance in the types of kratom in terms of the effects and uses, so bear that in mind when you are purchasing your leaves online.

Kratom can be useful in treating and managing various symptoms, from pain to depression.  The important thing to remember is to buy your leaves from a reputable source and to use them responsibly.  Overuse can cause addition, and abrupt stoppage in use can result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. And if you are going to purchase kratom leaves online, be sure that doing so is legal in the country in which you live.  Otherwise, you could find yourself in some legal hot water.