Five Things To Be Wary Of When Looking At Online Casinos

Five Things To Be Wary Of When Looking At Online Casinos

Although you will find that the vast majority of the casino online are safe, offer quality services, fair games and operate good working practices; there are some that do not.  Therefore, when you are looking around for an online casino to play at, there are some things you should be wary of- below we have put together a list of the five most crucial.

Untested And/Or Brand New Casinos

There many more online casinos out there.  More than you will ever have the opportunity to play at.  You should be therefore avoid the casinos that have only recently been established and are untested.  If you click through to a very plain website that does not have many links and very little information.  You should turn around and never go back.

Unrealistic Guarantees And Promises

You will find that there will be some online casinos that make promises that seem unrealistic.  For instance, lots of starting money or guaranteed winnings.  As the saying goes, if something looks too good to be true – it probably is!

Bad Reputation And Customer Reviews

This should immediately be a big warning sign.  If you are researching casinos and come across nothing but negative reviews about a particular casino, consider those reviews carefully.  While some people may only post a negative review because they were still bitter about losing money; the only way you will ever know what is true and what isn’t is if you test a casino with your own money.  It is also worth considering that if there are more bad than good reviews, then not all of the reviewers can be lying and there must be some truth to what they are saying.

Unusual Or Unregulated Software

There are at least four main software providers whose products are used by most of the regulated and trustworthy online casinos.  If a casino does not have proof that they use the safe, regulated gambling software other sites do, you might want to avoid entering sensitive information on-site and go elsewhere.

Unprofessionally Designed And Constructed Web Pages

Another tell-tale sign that something might not be quite right about a particular online casino links in with the first point.  If you arrive at a site and there is an awkward, amateurish feel to the site and the content is poorly written and all the images as clearly from a generic stock site, be very wary.  You should also stay away from websites that are littered with antagonistic pop-up adverts and other forms of on-site advertising.  These are either signs that the site is not very successful and needs to generate extra profits from advertising space or that they are fraudulent and only out to get your money.  It could also mean in some circumstances that they exist predominately to introduce viruses and malware onto your computer.