Effective Ways to Save Warm During Winter For Less

Effective Ways to Save Warm During Winter For Less

As winter approaches, so does the dark and the cold.  While there are a lot of things to look forward during the tail end of the year, the temperature drop is not one of them.  It can be a difficult time because you want to stay warm, but don’t want to always rely on the heating because of the high cost.  Therefore, in the following article we look at some great, cost effective ways to stay warm this winter.

Switch Energy Provider

If you have stayed with the same energy supplier for a long period of time, then it is likely that you are not getting as good a deal as you could be elsewhere.  Do a bit of research and shop around to check out what other providers are offering and use comparison sites to easily view how different packages stack up against one another.  Armed with this information, call your current provider and see if they could better the price.

Reposition Your Sofa

Where are your sofas or other furniture in the rooms of your home?  It could be that they are in front of radiators, being heated when that heat could be better used for the whole rooms.  If this is the case, it may be worth rearranging your furniture if possible.

Leave Doors Open

We don’t mean leave the front door obviously, but there are some rooms in the house where it can help to increase the warmth by leaving them open.  For instance, whenever you have a steamy hot bath or shower, leave the bathroom door open to help the steam and heat travel to other rooms.  The same can be applied to the kitchen.  After you have done any cooking in your oven, leave the door open and keep the kitchen door open to allow the heat from the oven to warm your house a little.

Draft-Proof Your Home

A very inexpensive, but also very effective way to help you stay warm during the coldest months of the year, while helping you to save money on your heating bills is draft-proofing or by getting rubber roofing.  By far the worst places for drafts are the gaps under windows and doors that don’t shut completely.  You can buy draft excluders from a hardware or homeware store, but one way to save even more money is to make them yourself by filling a pillowcase with either the filling from an old teddy, socks, old tights or a combination of all three.  Use self-adhesive foam strips on your windows and don’t forget to draft proof the letterbox and keyhole.

Choose Heating Appliances Wisely

Do you own storage heaters or other additional and portable heaters in your home to help staying warm during the colder, darker days?   It may be time to consider switching these to Haben heaters.  Haben heaters are designed and manufactured in Germany and are made from Chamotte, that were tested through independent energy usage tests conducted by BSRIA.  Chamotte is ceramic fired clay that warms up quickly and stays warm in the core of the radiator.  These particular heaters continually generate and conserve heat helping to keep the running costs much lower than they would be with alternative forms of radiated heat.  As soon as you turn the heater on, it warms up and then the Chamotte plate is able to reach its maximum temperature in just 5 minutes, that will warm a room in no longer than 30 minutes.