Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

With the rise in global awareness in protecting the earth, a lot of homeowners now opt to go green in their choice of home décor. Decorating your home in the aim to campaign for a greener environment is not only good for our planet but also good on your pockets. Because we are accustomed to the idea that a beautiful home entails spending money on costly items, we get lost when we decide to green up our décor. Going green and trying to achieve a beautifully decorated home might seem such a big task but it’s much easier than you think. Here are a few ideas.

Recycle old wooden furniture. Instead of throwing them out, why not put them to extended use. So, you think they look too boring or antiquated? That wood can last a many more years if you take the step to protect it now. Refinish them and give them a new look by adding some new details like changing the knobs and covering them in natural paints. End tables and nightstands can be repainted with a different color to accentuate your bedroom. Otherwise, you can repurpose them. An old door can be polished and finished to serve as a coffee table.

Reupholster old pieces. If your sofa or armchair has lost their charm and comfortability, you don’t have to immediately throw them out. Let a professional provide you the service or you can do it yourself. If reupholstering is going to cost you more than buying a new one, then opt for products that are made with natural materials and manufactured using eco-friendly processes. A perfect example is Poltrona Frau with their line of elegant furniture. The quality is exceptional as they use their exclusive material, Pelle Frau, which is full-grain leather carefully prepared using green processes and originating from Europe. You can find Poltrona Frau products also online. Check this page for example.


Do DIY art projects. Instead of buying all your décor, why not whip up your creative side and come up with pieces you can use in your home? With some old bedding materials, sew up some throw pillows as accent pieces on your couch. Don’t throw out mason jars. You can use them as storage containers for some food items or repurpose them to create vases to hold flowers and other decorative pieces such as candles.

Green your floor. If you are still building your home, opt for bamboo flooring which is sustainable material rather than hardwood floors. It is eco-friendly and highly renewable and you don’t sacrifice trees to have beautiful floors. Bamboo floors have the many properties of hardwood and they are literally easy to maintain. They are also more resistant to water damage, stains and warping as compared to hardwood floors. A realiable bamboo company is Bamboo flooring.

Welcome the light. When you take advantage of natural lighting in your home, you also cut your utility bills to a minimum. During the day, draw your curtains open so light enters which instantly brightens up a room. Besides, some vitamin D is good for your health especially the early morning light. The natural light creates a more cheerful home and doesn’t put a strain on your eyes as compared to using artificial lights all day long.