Eco Alternatives to Conventional Pest Control

Eco Alternatives to Conventional Pest Control

You are hosting some friends of yours and they are complimenting you on your very clean home. Then a roach matches nonchalantly across the table and you cringe in embarrassment. Pests can be embarrassing and they choose the most unfortunate moments to announce their presence.

No homeowner wants pests in their home. You want to get rid of the pesky little terrors but you do not want your children and pets to be harmed. Eco-friendly pest control solutions are your go-to alternative.

Also, you are looking for eco-friendly solutions because you care about the environment. Environmentally-friendly pest control provides a great alternative to chemical pesticides. They are as effective as the chemical options. However, they have the advantage of being free from harmful side effects.

What is Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

Eco-friendly pest control aims to manage pests using remedies that will not harm the environment. These are natural remedies that eliminate pests safely. They do not have harmful effects on pets or small children.

They are used by professional exterminators to rid your home, business premises or office of a broad range of vermin. Organic pest control products are derived from natural ingredients such as minerals as well as plant extracts and natural oils.

Eco-friendly pest control services help to enhance environmental benefits, explains Diamond Pest Control, who follow the rules set out by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) in properties across London.

Natural-Based Insecticides

Biofriendly insecticides aim for the main neurotransmitters in nonskeletal insects killing them instantly. These pesticides allow you to eradicate invertebrates such as bed bugs, ants, termites as well as cockroaches and more.

While cleanliness is the first defence against roaches, it may not be enough to keep them away. There are a few organic roach killers you can use as a backup. These include the following:

  • Boric acid
  • Catnip
  • Roach-repellent foods
  • Diatomaceous earth

Even good old soap can help to keep the vexing roaches at bay.

Termites are at home on animal faeces, soil, and wood. They come in their millions and can encroach your home or business premises if left unattended. A termite invasion can cause untold damage to your structures which can result in a collapse.

Professional exterminators conduct a termite inspection and use eco-friendly pest control measures to eliminate them. Also, they can implement a pest control plan that fits in with your specific needs.

Ants can find their way in via crevices and cracks and other small openings in search of food. Bed bugs are introduced into your home via used clothes, backpacks, luggage as well as used furniture. Exterminators can eradicate them using eco-friendly remedies.

Professional exterminators can also identify the type of ants that have invaded your premises and treat them accordingly. They will locate the colony and get it out of your home without playing havoc with the environment.

Eco-Friendly Control of Rodents

Rats, raccoons, bats, squirrels, and even birds and skunks can make every day living a nightmare. Eco-friendly measures such as trapping and exclusion can help get rid of these pests safely. Expert exterminators need not use harsh chemicals to eliminate these small animals.


Once your home is free from pesky pests, you must ensure they stay away by regularly monitoring pest population levels. Pest professionals such as Diamond Pest Control will consult with you before carrying out pest-control remedies.