Creating a Green Home in the City

Creating a Green Home in the City

As a result of increased awareness of green issues, many of us are eager to reduce our carbon footprint and live in a more eco-friendly way these days. Even those who live in urban areas in big cities can find small but effective ways of creating a greener and more environmentally friendly home, and many of these methods take very little effort but can have a big impact.

Making sure you take steps to make your urban home more environmentally friendly can benefit you on many levels. Not only will this enable you to do your bit for the all-important green cause – something that will benefit the planet as a whole – but it can even save you a lot of money, so you also get to enjoy the financial perks of going green.

Simple steps that make a big impact

If you want to make your city home more eco-friendly there are various simple methods that you should consider. One major step that every home should now be taking is to ensure the use of energy efficient light bulbs in every room. These bulbs will last far longer than regular ones and are far more cost efficient. Moreover, they use far less energy, which means that you will also benefit the environment by using these.

Heating is another area that you need to consider when it comes to going green, as some heating systems use up a lot of energy and can therefore be costly as well as damaging to the environment. Using heating systems such as the standalone electric radiators from VeriSmart is an excellent option, as these are not only very energy efficient but also provide plenty of warmth,can be located anywhere in the home, require no plumbing or installation, and can save you money on your energy bills.

Our water usage in the home can also have an impact on how eco-friendly we are, so this is another area to look at. When you are boiling your kettle to make a drink make sure you only fill the kettle with as much water as you need rather than just filling it to the top. Also, consider having a shower installed in the home if you don’t already have one, as these will take up far less water than a bath and you will find that a shower is far more invigorating!

Many city homes now come with double glazed windows, which are great for keeping the property warm and reducing energy usage. If you don’t have double glazing installed already, this is another great solution for going green and cutting costs. Even if you cannot afford to get double glazing installed, there are effective alternatives such as secondary glazing.

All of these methods provide simple solutions to help those living in city homes to go green and have more money in their pockets.