Creating a Garden to Accent Your Home

Creating a Garden to Accent Your Home



A lawn is a beautiful part of any home. It softens the appearance of the house itself and provides a wonderful space for family and friends to play and visit, so many of us really love to work on creating a healthy, beautiful lawn.

But for some of us, there is a desire to do something special. No matter how much we enjoy a beautiful carpet of green grass, we want to add some accents to really set it off. Most of the time, that is done with some sort of garden.

Many times, we think strictly of vegetables when we talk about a garden, and while that’s certainly a good option (and one that we’ll discuss further), it’s not the only choice for enhancing the look of our property. Let’s look at some other choices for gardens that can provide added beauty and enjoyment to your home.

Pollinator Gardens

The news is full of stories about problems with the honeybee population, and the prospect of their numbers getting too low is very frightening indeed. The good news is that we are not powerless to deal with this issue.

Building a pollinator garden will not only provide beauty and a break in the green, it will also help support nearby honeybee colonies. Nature’s Seed wildflower seeds¬†will spring forth with colorful blooms that will summon pollinators to your yard, making a fantastic food source for these essential insects. You may also spot the occasional butterfly or hummingbird.

Together, all this natural beauty is a satisfying and enjoyable feature to add to the yard, and adding it isn’t difficult. The beauty is a bonus to the help you’re providing for honeybees.

Water Gardens

Do you worry that you have a brown thumb instead of a green thumb? Maybe you should think about checking yourself for a “blue thumb” and trying out the countless options for a water garden.

Water can be a beautiful addition to your yard, and there are many different ways you can build ponds, waterfalls, and artificial streams to the area without so much demand on your plant-raising skills. Water gardens provide beautiful reflections of light and create gentle, soothing sounds for your family and visitors to enjoy.

Water gardens can be totally customized to the size and configuration you want, so there’s a water garden plan to meet whatever needs you want.

Vegetable Gardens

In a time with constant worries about food contamination outbreaks and the inability of citizens to provide for themselves, vegetable gardens are a great idea. When you put them together with the enjoyment you’ll receive from working in and just looking at your garden, it’s an easy choice.

It only takes a small area to grow a surprising amount of produce, and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing exactly how the plants have been grown. You can easily go pesticide-free and be assured that the vegetables on your table are safe for your family.

You’ll still have something beautiful to look at, too. Towering corn, shiny tomatoes, and bushy green beans are a unique aesthetic element in the yard. There are even ornamental varieties of sweet potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables that are chosen for their beauty.

A yard doesn’t have to be just a yard anymore. You can build all kinds of beautiful gardens to break up the monotony for your eyes and ears, and you can also get some wonderful side benefits like fresh produce and healthy bee populations.