How to Create a Clutter-free Bathroom

How to Create a Clutter-free Bathroom



It’s difficult enough keeping a bathroom tidy and organized when living alone, and having a family of three or more makes it a proper warzone. And the dog’s not helping either. The time has come for you to enforce some rules and solutions that will rid your bathroom of clutter, make it infinitely easier to keep the place clean, and support efficiency.

Here are the best tips for creating a clutter-free bathroom.

Keep it clean

First things first, in order to for a bathroom to become and remain clear of clutter, it needs to be squeaky clean. That doesn’t mean you should grab a mop every time foul odors start oozing into the rest of the house, that means that you need to clean the bathroom at least once a week. Of if you have a family, twice a week.

Keeping the bathroom clean regularly will give you the chance to throw away all of the things you don’t need anymore, like old razors, shampoo bottles, cleaning products, etc. Not only that, but a clean bathroom also supports positivity and just makes you feel good, so be sure to introduce a regular cleaning schedule.

Where’s your medicine cabinet?

Is your medicine cabinet located in the bathroom? Contrary to popular belief, there is no viable reason to keep all your medicines in the bathroom, and it does nothing more than take away valuable space you could use for something you truly need. Or better yet, nothing at all!

All of your medicines should have a specific place somewhere in the house where they can be easily accessed when needed, like in the kitchen, your bedroom, or a drawer in the living room.

Clear the surfaces

Now that the cabinet is clear of unnecessary stuff, you can go ahead and neatly organize inside all of the things that your family members regularly leave lying about in the bathroom. One of the best solutions you can introduce is to dedicate each shelf in the cabinet to a specific family member, so that everyone knows where to store their things and that they feel more inclined to follow the new rules.

If you have some extra wall space, you can also add floating shelves or smaller cabinets with nametags, so that everyone has their own space in the bathroom. Make sure you either clear the surfaces as much as possible to keep them free of clutter, or better yet, to introduce several decorative features such as flowers or potted plants in their place. This will help imbue the setting with personality and flair.

Introduce modern features

Traditional bathroom amenities, much like all amenities around the house, might have been built to last, but they are also inefficient, bulky and take up a lot of space. Therefore, your bathroom is more likely than not due for a proper retrofit.

You can start small, and replace the old sink with a newer, floating model, or a floating vanity – think about raising everything from the ground. Everything except the bath. You want to switch out the old bulky bathtub for a contemporary, functional freestanding bath that will free up some much-needed space and make the entire room feel more modern and spacious.

Add creative storage

If all else fails, take matters into your own hands. There are plenty of innovative DIY solutions you can introduce; all it takes is some imagination and a trip to your local home center. Think hooks, magnets, small shelves, mason jars, clips, and baskets.

Use clips attached to shower rings to hang the products and clear the surfaces, or use a mason jar organizer to keep all of your precious knickknacks that would otherwise get lost easily. You can also hang or store products in baskets or jars on the inside of your cabinets for added space.

Keeping a clutter-free bathroom is essential for your emotional and psychological well-being, as a bathroom is supposed to be an intimate sanctuary, a stress- free environment where you can wash away the troubles of the day. Be sure to make these essential changes and you will have an easy time creating a bathroom worthy of love and admiration.