Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems, and How to Fix Them

Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems, and How to Fix Them

Having a plumbing issue in your bathroom is not something that you want to deal with, especially at one of the most inconvenient times. However, no matter how great your home, plumbing problems will, at one point, occur, and it’s best to be prepared for the problem so that you can easily fix it.

No matter if you’re a great handyman or if you lack any type of handyman skill, the following are a few of the common bathroom plumbing problems you’re likely to see over the years, as well as the easy way to fix them and improve your bathroom.

Weak Water Pressure

Nobody likes to take a shower with trickling water. After all, who has hours to spend getting shampoo out of their hair? If your bathroom suffers from weak water pressure, there is actually something that you can do to alleviate the problem without tearing up your walls and pipes. Most of the time, weak water pressure in the shower is due to limescale buildup in the showerhead. To fix it, buy a descaling product at your local home improvement store. Unscrew the showerhead from the pipe and submerge it into a bowl of the descaling product in order to remove the buildup. Be sure to read and follow the product’s directions to ensure you’re doing it correctly. You can also clean out the reachable part of the shower pipe using the same product. (Again, read the directions.) Once your showerhead is nice and clean, you should notice better water pressure.

Clogged Toilet

Dealing with a clogged toilet is never fun, but it’s something that you can usually address on your own. If you have a clogged toilet, the very first thing you will want to do is use a plunger to try and unclog the toilet. Be sure that you are using a bathroom plunger, as they are the right size for toilets. Push the plunger firmly down on the drain of the toilet and release. The pressure should unclog the drain. Keep in mind you may have to try a few times before it is successful.

If the plunger doesn’t work, your next option is snaking the drain. Again, a snake can be purchased from your local home improvement store. A drain snake is a metal rope-like device that you shove down your drain and then retract back up. The coils at the end of the snake should attach to anything clogging the drain, such as toilet paper, releasing pressure and finally unclogging it.

Blocked Sink Traps

Every bathroom sink has a trap. This trap is meant to collect items that fall down the drain and keep them from traveling through your pipes. It is also meant to keep a bit of water inside the trap to keep pipe gasses from coming back up into your home.

Oftentimes, when your bathroom sink is clogged, it’s usually due to a clogged trap. You can try to use a snake drain to unclog the trap, but most clogs will require you to remove the trap altogether and clean it out manually. To do so, place a bowl or bucket under the trap to catch any water or any item that may be clogging it. Then, simply twist off the cap of the trap until you have successfully removed it from the pipe. Remove any items lodged in the trap with either your finger or an old toothbrush, and then reattach the trap. Be sure to run some water down your pipe to check for leaks.

No matter what type of bathroom plumbing issue you may have, problems can often be solved with a little hard work. If you try and are unsuccessful, whether you’re in New York or Santa Monica, then you should consider hiring a professional plumber.