Clean and Green! Eco-friendly Cleaning Products for Your Home and Business

Clean and Green! Eco-friendly Cleaning Products for Your Home and Business

Whether you have an environmental outlook on everything you do in life, or you are simply looking at ways in which you and help reduce your carbon footprint, environmentally friendly products are making leaps and bounds of progress when compared to their more damaging counterparts. Like with replacement meals and low-fat alternatives, we want to choose the best option for the planet but we also don’t want to have to lose out on the quality of life that we lead. It is, therefore, important when looking at cleaning products that we are able to find products that are both environmentally friendly and effective when put to the test.

There are a number of companies dedicated to creating their own specific line of environmentally friendly cleaning products, but there are also some products that may already be environmentally friendly. While we often know a lot about whether or not a product can be harmful to our skin, or whether it has a fresh, minty scent, we are less likely to know where it comes from or what its effects on the environment. So to find the best product for your needs that does good for your home, your business and also doesn’t harm the environment, read on for more information.

Look for the Labels!

As with products not tested on animals, Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly products and other similar products, there will be health and safety labels on certain brands of cleaning product designed to tell you that it is safe for the environment. Sometimes the difference between a harmful product and something that helps to reduce your carbon footprint could be something as simple as switching a brand or going for a different scent. Look through your current cleaning products and see what the labels reveal.

Bio-D Products

The Bio-D corporation is a family-owned business founded with the aim to provide household owners and business owners with a cleaner and greener method for creating a hygienic and germ-free space. Health and safety and hygiene is important in business, particularly in the education and catering industries, so having a certified well-known cleaning brand that is also eco-friendly is a real plus. It will do you no good to have an environmentally friendly cleaning product if it doesn’t get the job done and Bio-D serves to ensure this.

They also provide a number of refill products in biodegradable containers and all their bottles and packaging is made from recycled materials which are in themselves recyclable. They take special effort to ensure that all raw materials are obtained through ethical methods and to ensure that they are obtained from renewable sources. As with energy, renewable sources are the way of the future and a way of ensuring that there is a little bit of green earth left for generations to come.

Living Clean Products

The living clean brand also provides a wide range of different products that have been specially designed to be environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients. From detergents and disinfectants to bathroom buddies and even environmentally friendly microfiber cloths, looking for the living clean logo means that you can be sure you are buying from a reputable source.

Many environmental products are citrus scented as citrus fruits are natural cleaners and sanitisers, so a good way of telling whether or not something is actually beneficial to the environment is to see if it is a citric cleaner. Of course, not all cleaners are eco-friendly so make sure to do your research before buying anything in bulk for your business for example.

Homemade Cleaners

Of course, if you are not quite sure about whether or not you will be able to find any environmentally friendly cleaning products that don’t cost an arm and a leg, you can always make your own cleaner if you have a bit of free time. Where businesses are concerned, it is better to invest in an eco-friendly cleaning product range as neither you nor your employees will have the time to make a fresh batch of cleaning products every few weeks when you run out. Baking soda and vinegar is always a winning combination and for a fresh scent, try out some mint leaves or the old citrus favourite. If you experiment and try a few new things from natural cleaners, you might come across a winner that doesn’t take too long to make in excess.

That being said, there are also environmentally friendly cleaning experts around, so if you’re not too keen on the idea of traipsing around all the shops just to find something designed to reduce your carbon footprint, you can always hire a weekly cleaner to get it done for you. Environmentally friendly cleaners pride themselves on their economical cleaning services and will know all the latest tips and tricks to keep your home or business clean and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Crawley based PPE specialist JP Supplies, who were consulted over the information in this post.


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