Change Begins Today

Change Begins Today

We are at a crossroads in history. If we continue using non-renewable resources (such as oil, gas, and coal), we’ll continue polluting the Earth with devastating effects. As the population continues to grow, we use more of these resources to fuel our cars, heat our homes, etc. The Energy of Information Administration (EIA) states that these fuel types are only projected to grow in future years.

Our consumption of non-renewable resources comes with some fairly high stakes. Greenhouse gasses…CO2 emissions…global warming… these are all very real dangers. Fortunately, we can all do something about it if we do something about it now.  That change begins with you.

Let’s take advantage of some alternative resources that are already provided to us, such as the sun, wind and water. Currently, every three minutes, someone adds solar. Solar power can save up to 40 percent on energy costs. And up until December 31, 2016, there is a Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It provides a 30 percent residential tax credit to homeowners. After 2016, the tax credit will no longer be available, yet there will be a remaining commercial tax credit (but it will be reduced to 10 percent).

Since 2010, solar installation prices have dropped by 53 percent. This is due to many new players in the solar industry. Last year alone, the industry workforce grew by 22 percent!

Solar is a nice break for both the planet and your wallet! Will you be the next person to make the change?

If you want to learn more about solar, visit See.Solar. Residents in select states may qualify for solar home installation, provided by leading solar service providers (such as SolarCity, SunRun, etc.).

It’s a simple process that begins with a free home consultation. If solar is right for your home, See.Solar will connect you with the solar provider who is right for you. Your provider will design a custom solar panel for your home, which will meet all necessary city permits. When everything is ready, the expert installers will only need one day to complete the installation.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to visit the FAQ solar page on

Think of solar as a great home investment with a positive, long-lasting environmental result.  The more things change now, the better things will become tomorrow. And on the plus side, you can enjoy reduced home utility costs and spend that money on more pleasant items.
We have a commitment to keep the planet health— our survival literally depends on it. Lets all make the necessary steps to improve the environment. Change begins with you…right now. Be the change you want to be— others will notice and follow suit.  We have a long ways to go, but it can all begin with solar.